Tom DeLonge watches clip of John Travolta doing aerobics each month without fail

Ashley Bautista August 17, 2022
Tom DeLonge watches clip of John Travolta doing aerobics each month without fail
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If you think you’re John Travolta’s number one fan, you’re wrong, it’s clearly Blink 182’s, Tom DeLonge. Tom’s monthly tribute to the actor has left fans confused. It appears he likes to remind his followers about a hilarious scene featuring the Grease icon.

Tom from Blink-182 has been keeping up with the Travolta memes by posting the same video of the same scene once a month. With the caption “never forget”, the video brings a good laugh to fans as the end of the month approaches.

The singer-songwriter shares the intense scene between John and Jamie Lee Curtis from the film Perfect every 4 weeks without fail.

Remember the iconic era of John Travolta after the success of Grease? DeLonge will keep you on top of that if you don’t, and you will “never forget”.

Tom Delonge’s monthly reminder of John Travolta’s moves

On August 15, Tom updated his social media account to ensure followers still remembered the iconic scene. It was a very familiar video that appeared not once or twice, but multiple times on his Instagram feed. The post comes days after sharing a selfie of himself, where many of his fans complimented him for his young looks, while others simply demanded a Blink-182 comeback.

In a message to his 979k Instagram followers, the 46-year-old added the video of the scene between John Travolta and Jamie Lee Curtis from the 1985 film, Perfect.

Without adding a caption, the text in the video read: “#NeverForget”. Surpassing more than 28k likes, it seems his fans weren’t going to get away with it this month. That quirky, acrobatic scene, is back again.

Here it comes again

Perhaps the ‘repost’ button is now out of control for Tom, who reposted the same scene over a dozen times. As the videos appear in the Instagram feed of his followers so often it has become a thing between him and his hundreds of thousands of fans. Despite this, many have still expressed their confusion.

One fan wrote: “Every time this pops up, I know it’s you.”

Another one commented: “Ah yes, the monthly reminder that this exists. Thanks, Tom!”

A third one penned: “I’m starting to think this may be Tom’s cry for help.”

One user joked: “Thanks for the reminder. I almost forgot.”

A “perfect” match: scene explained

The movie is about an investigative reporter that travels to Los Angeles to write a report about the fitness trend that has taken the storm in the 80s.

In the process, Adam (Travolta) meets a beautiful fitness instructor (Curtis). The two fall in love, causing him to doubt if he is capable of loving someone he is investigating.

During the scene, Adam joins Jessie’s aerobatics classes as they all dance to Jarmaine Stewart’s Wear Out The Gloves. While the rest of the class is completely focused, the two gaze into each other’s eyes as they copy the sexy moves.

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