Tom Cruise, Scientology and debunking Katie Holme's 'silent birth' myth

Lottie O'Neill July 3, 2022
Tom Cruise, Scientology and debunking Katie Holme's 'silent birth' myth


Tom Cruise has been known as a Scientology ambassador for years, after being introduced into the religion by his first wife.

Now, as the star turns 60, we take a look back at various moments linked with the Church of Scientology.

From weird rumors he told ex-wife Katie Holmes she couldn’t utter a sound during birth, to how it all began.

Although the star has proven age is but a number after completing his own stunts in Top Gun: Maverick, the celeb has had an eventful life.

Tom Cruise met his first wife at the Church of Scientology

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He would become known as the face of Scientology – not from the wishes of the church or even the star himself, but from fans across the world. Tom Cruise did become an outspoken advocate for the Church of Scientology in the 2000s. This was after being introduced by his first wife.

The now-60-year-old star’s first marriage was to Mimi Rogers, who is six years his senior. The pair met at a party in 1985, when the actor was developing Top Gun.

They later wed, with the Mission Impossible star telling Rolling Stone Mimi “helped” him be a better actor. However, by 1989 Tom filed for divorce and reports claim Days Of Thunder – in which he starred alongside Nicole Kidman – began filming two days later. Later, the two would hit it off and marry. Nicole and Tom have two children together, Isabella and Connor.

Mimi later claimed to Playboy, in 1993, that during the time of their break-up, Tom had “seriously” considered becoming a monk.

It’s not been said whether this was in relation to Scientology or another religion. Although after they split, Cruise remained a church member.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ ‘silent birth’ rumor

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Tom, known for his infamous outburst on Oprah when he jumped on the couch and declared his love for then-fiancée Katie Holmes, isn’t shy about showing off some aspects of his life.

Rumors circulated over Katie Holmes’ silent birth to Tom Cruise’s daughter, with whispers on the internet claiming due to Scientology, Katie wasn’t allowed to make a sound during labor.

Tom, knowing the church and himself being an actor can make headlines, spoke out against the rumors in 2006.

Tom Cruise told ABC news Scientology gives people “tools to help better your life. That’s what Scientology is. It helps you to improve your life.”

There is a Scientology practice of “silent birth” to reduce the amount of negativity children hear while being born. The church believes traumatic sounds can cause permanent psychic scars, writes ABC.

But the idea of what the idea actually meant led to speculation Katie couldn’t make any sound. However, Tom said it was more about other people.

He explained: “It’s basically just respecting the mother, you know, and helping to be quiet – not the mother. The mother makes as much noise … you know, she’s going through it.

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“But why have other people make noise? You know, you want that area very calm and to make it very special.”

Tom also settled rumors Katie wasn’t allowed pain-relieving drugs during the birth. Tom said Katie would have whatever she needed while working with their doctors.

The pair would later divorce in 2012 after welcoming daughter Suri into the world, writes NYPOST.

Tom Cruise and Scientology controversies

Actor Leah Remini, a former Scientologist, claimed to Larry King in 2016 that “Tom is a fully dedicated and loyal” member of the church.

However, after leaving as a member, Leah has spoken out against the church ever since, including Cruise himself, reports Newsweek. Neither Cruise nor the church have responded to all her claims.

But a church spokesperson did deny her claims when she alleged Tom lost it at an assistant over trying to find pre-packaged cookie dough.

Tom also went on NBC’s Today show in 2005 to promote War Of The Worlds with interviewer Matt Lauer.

However, the chat took a turn over the topic of prescription drugs, which the actor previously said he was against. He also criticised Brooke Shields talking about being prescribed anti-depressants after being diagnosed with post-partum depression following her daughter’s birth.

As an active member of the Church of Scientology, Tom Cruise was against the use of ‘mind-altering drugs’, and said there were other ways. The conversation became heated, to say the least.

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