WATCH: Tim Ryan rant calls out GOP to end Dr Seuss debate

Bruno Cooke March 10, 2021
WATCH: Tim Ryan rant calls out GOP to end Dr Seuss debate
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Democratic Party congressman Timothy John Ryan (Ohio 13th district) made a speech yesterday berating his Republican colleagues for “talking about Dr. Seuss” instead of other, more pressing, matters. Watch the video of Tim Ryan’s rant below, and read Twitter’s reaction to the speech.

Tim Ryan’s rant, as posted on Twitter

Democratic Representative Tim Ryan, of Ohio’s 13th congressional district, yesterday posted a video of his speech to congress on his Twitter feed.

The video of Ryan’s rant has already picked up over 20K likes, and 4.4K retweets.

In the speech, Ryan takes aim at his GOP colleagues for talking about Dr Seuss, when there are more pressing issues at hand.

Twitter reacts to the video

Besides picking up likes and retweets, Tim Ryan’s speech has prompted waves of praise from some Twitter users – but is not without criticism.

User Jonathan Reiss, for example, wrote: “YES. THIS. I want to see this every day, from every Democrat. Bring the righteous anger. Expose the hypocrisy and disingenuity of the GOP. ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. Thank you, Congressman Ryan!”

Equally positive are commenters Melanie Perkins and Barry R, whose comments, “WOW! Amazing!” and “THANK YOU CONG. RYAN!” are unequivocal in their appreciation for the congressman.

However, one user argues that Tim Ryan made his speech for his own self gain, alleging that his constituents “can’t get a response most times”.

What is Rep Tim Ryan’s party?

Tim Ryan is a Democrat, and serves as the US Representative for Ohio’s 13th congressional district. 

He has served in the position since 2013.

However, he first entered congress 10 years earlier, in 2003, representing Ohio’s 17th congressional district.

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