Tim Allen drops major plot hole for The Santa Clause we've never considered

Darcy Rafter December 6, 2022
Tim Allen drops major plot hole for The Santa Clause we've never considered
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Tim Allen has been prodding some major plot holes in the Santa Clause franchise as audiences begin to question everything.

The first Santa Clause film came out in 1994 and two sequels, The Santa Clause 2 (2002) and The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (2006) followed shortly thereafter.

Nineties kids were over the moon when they discovered a limited follow-up series to the Santa Clause trilogy that will be arriving on Disney+ in 2022.

Tim Allen reprises his role as Scott Calvin for The Santa Clauses series which is based around Santa passing on his role after 30 years of doing Christmas day. However, when he picks the wrong person for the job, everything comes crashing down.

Fans are seeing the classic Christmas movies in a completely different way now that Tim Allen has spilled the tea…

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Tim Allen drops major The Santa Clause plot holes

As part of the promotion for The Santa Clauses, Tim Allen appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to chat about the series. In preparation for his role, Allen has been reminiscing on 1994’s The Santa Clause, and it has reminded him about a couple of plot holes from the first movie.

Allen informed Jimmy of the plot holes that have always bothered him. He said: “I never understood even in the movie why the elves, when I showed up at the North Pole, didn’t go, ‘Hey, what happened to the other guy?’

“You know, I just hop in the sleigh with the kid and we go off. No one ever asks, ‘Does Mrs Claus know that the other guy is dead? Did the other guy die?'”

The Santa Clause plot holes we never considered until now

Not only are the elves okay with Scott coming to the North Pole but it’s then said in The Santa Clause 2 that Santa has to have a Mrs. Claus by his side. This has made fans wonder what happened to the other Santa’s wife, something many audience members hadn’t considered.

Allen also questioned: “Why doesn’t Mrs Claus have a name, what’s her first name?” Adding: There were huge holes… So they, we came up with this script, The Santa Clauses. I have a family now. They end up doing all these, they fill up the holes in all this.”

Whilst all of these plot holes could be concealed with a sprinkling of Christmas magic, Allen admits that the series explains all the loose threads.

The Santa Clause original film was going to be a lot darker

The original Santa Clause film reveals that Scott Calvin got the role of Santa by accidentally killing the previous Santa. Calvin accidentally killed the previous Santa after he and his son Charlie heard him, startled him, and Santa fell off the roof.

Whilst Christmas movies are renowned for being uplifting; the original script reveals that Calvin was supposed to shoot and kill him, as per Cinema Blend. This would have been a rather dark ending…

The show’s remaining episodes drop every Wednesday until December 14.

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