TikToker Terri Joe soft-trolls Madonna on TikTok live: '80 and forgetful'

Alexandra Ciufudean October 13, 2022
TikToker Terri Joe soft-trolls Madonna on TikTok live: '80 and forgetful'
Photo by Lexie Moreland/WWD via Getty Images


Another day, another weird Madonna TikTok. Comedian Psyiconic aka Terri Joe went live with none other than Madonna on Wednesday night, to the delighted surprise of fans across social media.

The pop icon, 64, has been on a TikTok roll lately, posting a number of eyebrow-raising videos, including one where she appears to come out as gay.

Now, fans are scratching their heads at Madonna’s latest collaboration – her TikTok live chat with Terri Joe.

Photo by Lexie Moreland/WWD via Getty Images

Who is TikToker Psyiconic aka Terri Joe?

Going by the online name Psyiconic, the creator made it big on social media with their signature brand of satire, absurdist humor and questionable Photoshop skills.

Their most popular videos feature the character Terri Joe, who describes herself as a “Christian southern belle just trying to make the world a better place, one hommasexyuh at a time,” in a Twitter profile.

Terri Joe usually wears an unassuming flowery dress against glitchy green screen backgrounds and interviews online personalities in a thick Southern accent straight out of Gone With The Wind.

A previous celebrity live chat featured Doja Cat, who gets schooled on the “proper Christian look” by the pious Terri Joe.

Over on TikTok, where they’ve amassed almost 1 million followers (953.900 at the moment), Psyiconic’s bio reads, hilariously: “Age: Ing Weight: Over Race: 1st Sex: Yes Hair: Receding.”

In between videos of Terri Joe, Psyiconic also promotes merch drops and shares comedy skits and clips of themselves dancing, to fans’ delight. On Instagram, they’re at 45,800 followers and counting, while their YouTube channel boasts more than 3,000 subscribers despite only having three videos, all from 2020.

Terri Joe teases Madonna for being ’80 and forgetful’

Surprising everyone except probably Terri Joe herself, the TikToker’s latest live collaboration features Madonna. The pop icon, who dominated airwaves in the 1980s and 90s and is credited with starting a number of pop culture trends, has been upping her social media game lately.

Earlier this week, a TikTok of Madonna, 64, apparently coming out as gay stirred online discussion and yesterday, plastic surgery rumors resurfaced after a specialist shared their professional opinion on the singer’s new look.

Her TikTok live with Terri Joe just adds another layer of oddity. The surreal 18-minute conversation opens with Terri confessing she could tell Madonna is “a God warrior” before asking the singer how long she has been “a follower of Jesus Christ.”

“I would say it started with my baptism,” Madonna replies, “when I got drowned in water.”

“I think it’s really good to be, like, on the edge of fearing for your life,” the singer adds, as a cowboy hat and mustache filter flashes across her face. “I think that’s when you really feel a connection to Jesus.”

Sporting pink hair, bleached eyebrows, sunglasses and several layers of necklaces over a sports jersey, Madonna looked almost unrecognizable to fans. Some even admitted later they had no idea who Terri was actually interviewing.

And Madonna seemed equally unaware of who Terri Joe is. When Terri refers to herself in third person, the singer asks off-screen “who is Terri Joe?” before apologizing to her interviewer.

Terri Joe goes on to sort-troll her, saying she would also forget people’s names if she was “80 years old”, to which Madonna adds “so you understand.”

Terri and the Material Girl singer later bonded over loving “the light of Jesus and the light of diamonds” and Madonna offered to mail the TikToker her blinged-out sunglasses.

Twitter loses it over bizarre collab

Over on Twitter, fans are coming apart at the seams over Terri Joe’s Madonna collaboration – and the kind of entertainment “connections” she might have since she was able to chat with the Material Girl herself.

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