Thneed meaning explained as Kyle Kuzma’s pink Lorax sweater trends

Bruno Cooke November 25, 2021
Thneed meaning explained as Kyle Kuzma’s pink Lorax sweater trends
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Kyle Kuzma’s pink sweater, which one Twitter user has compared to an item of clothing invented by author and cartoonist Dr Seuss – called a Thneed – has received more attention since he flaunted it on Monday night than probably any other item of knitwear ever. But what is the meaning of “Thneed”, and why are people using it to describe Kyle Kuzma’s distinctive outfit?

Thneed meaning explained

In the universe of Dr Seuss, and in the story of The Lorax specifically, a Thneed is an actual (fictional) thing – this is not a word people have made up to describe Kyle Kuzma’s sweater.

In fact, a Thneed can be anything at all, as long as it is knitted from the foliage of the Truffula Tree. Truffula Trees have striped bark and a large tuft that is “softer than silk”. They come in red, orange, yellow and pink.

Thneeds can take the form of large pink sweaters – like, for example, Kuzma’s – but the softness and apparent strength of the Truffula’s tuft means that they can also take the form of umbrellas, curtains, socks and pillows.

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Last Train To Christmas | Trailer | Sky Cinema

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Seuss wiki (linked above) also lists muzzle, slingshot, windshield wiper and moustache brush, although these may require a little imaginative stretch. Indeed, last on its list of what a Thneed can be is simply, “Everything”.

Why are people likening Kyle Kuzma’s outfit to a Thneed?

The first Thneed that appears in the Lorax cartoon is a large oversized knitted sweater – not dissimilar from the outfit Kyle Kuzma and his stylist “have no regrets” about him wearing before the game Monday evening.

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And why should they? It’s just a big sweater.

But there are those who don’t think it was worth it. Kuzma shared a picture of him wearing the garment to his Instagram two days ago. Among the commenters are actor and comedian Michael Rapaport, who wrote, “My Man WTF is you doing”.

Fellow basketball player Sindarius Thornwell told him to “leave that s**t in Hollywood”, while former player Isiah Thomas wrote, “lol that one ain’t it”.

How much is it to buy Kyle Kuzma’s pink Lorax sweater?

It is worth pointing out that anyone wanting to hop on this particular trend will need to shell out a cool $1,659 for the privilege.

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Made in Italy and designed by Belgian fashion designer Raf Simons (born 1968 in Neerpelt, Belgium), the “oversized-sleeve virgin wool jumper” is, according to retailer Farfetch, best paired with a $484 white shirt.

Simons started in furniture design and launched his own menswear label in 1995. He has been creative director at Jil Sander, Christian Dior and Calvin Klein. As of April 2020, he is the co-creative director of Prada, alongside Miuccia Prada.

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