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What happened to Koe Wetzel in 2016 as singer urges fans to 'be safe'

Shania Wilson March 1, 2022
What happened to Koe Wetzel in 2016 as singer urges fans to 'be safe'

Country singer Koe Wetzel is urging fans to “be safe” six years on from the night he spent in jail.

The artist took to Twitter on 28 February 2022 to reference the 2016 incident, and his fanbase certainly have his back.

If you’re not familiar with the date, now observed as an annual event by Koe Wetzel fans, we reveal exactly what happened to the star in 2016.

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What happened to Koe Wetzel in 2016?

On 28 February 2016, country/rock singer Koe Wetzel was arrested for public intoxication in Stephenville, Texas, and spent a “couple of nights” in jail. Wetzel decided to write a song about the events that took place that night, which featured on 2016 album Noise Complaint.

As it turned out the song he wrote – entitled February 28th, 2016 – launched his career and is still a fan-favourite today.

WhiskeyRiff reports Koe once shared: “February 28th, 2016 is a song I wrote after I got picked up in Stephenville. I kinda already had the idea of it, and then I got picked up one night in Stephenville and spent a couple of nights in Erath country jail.

“This song really means a lot to me and the guys and kinda takes us back to where we were at that point in our lives.”

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Singer urges fans to ‘be safe’

This year marks six years since Wetzel was arrested and, as usual, he took to Twitter to share some advice.

“Y’all be safe today,” the 29-year-old tweeted in reference to the events of 2016.

Koe’s fans and friends then tweet-replied, showing their support for the country artist:

Koe Wetzel plays Stephenville show

Six years after getting arrested in Stephenville, Texas, Koe Wetzel returned to town to play a show – on 28 February, naturally.

The singer tweeted: “Playin’ a show tonight in Stephenville with some friends. Half of the proceeds go to the Erath County police department.”

Wetzel then thanked gig-goers after the show, writing: “Stephenville, thank y’all so much for tonight, brought back so many memories. Love y’all.”

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