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Tasia Alexis Hussey fools fans with Disney Channel show joke

Eve Edwards May 15, 2022

A recent TikTok made by Tasia Alexis Hussey has fans questioning whether she previously worked on a Disney Channel show.

Some of Tasia’s TikTok following, of which has has over 3.7 million, were confused by the revelation, knowing her only for her internet presence. Here’s what you need to know.

Screenshot: How We Met & Where We’re Going – Premiere Episode | Unfazed and Unbothered YouTube

Tasia Alexis Hussey jokes about Disney Channel past

On 14 May 2022, Tasia Alexis Hussey created a video in response to a TikTok user who wanted to know how they recognised her. The user stated: “You look insanely familiar but I cannot place you!”

Responding to the TikTok user, Tasia revealed that she once starred on a Disney Channel show. In the video she says: “I am actually from Disney Channel. I went from Disney Channel to prison.”

Tasia Hussey, best known as Tasia from Vine, was famous for creating short-form videos on the now-defunct platform Vine. She currently is the co-host of Unfazed and Unbothered alongside Camo Camille.

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No, Tasia wasn’t actually on a Disney show

If you’ve scrolled through the TikTok comments, you may have already figured out that Tasia Alexis Hussey did not star in any Disney Channel show.

Back in January 2014, there was a rumour circulating on the internet that Tasia was going to star in a Disney Channel show. This turned out, however, to be false.

But that didn’t stop some of her fans believing that this was how Tasia found fame.

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Tasia’s fans joke about potential Disney shows for the star

In the comments thread on Tasia’s TikTok video, many of her fans have joined in on the joke, offering their take on some Disney Channel-inspired shows which Tasia could star in.

Some of the joke show names which fans have created include “Good Luck Inmate” (Good Luck Charlie), “Inmates of Waverley Place” (Wizards of Waverley Place), “Tasia in the Trenches” (Cory in the House) and “That’s So Prison” (That’s So Raven).

First Kill | Official Trailer | Netflix

First Kill | Official Trailer | Netflix
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