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Did YouTuber Symonne Harrison just get married to bf Nick Bencivengo?

Yasmine Leung January 12, 2022
screenshot, YouTube - Symonne Harrison

Symonne Harrison recently uploaded a video entitled Our Wedding Story – but is she actually married to her boyfriend Nick Bencivengo?

YouTuber Symmone Harrison and boyfriend Nick Bencivengo shocked fans after the couple revealed they had got engaged on Thursday (6 January 2022).

The couple seemed to have wasted no time in getting hitched after Harrison posted a photo of herself getting swept off her feet in a wedding dress in Las Vegas just two days later.

Their ages have been among the most-asked questions since it’s pretty obvious the couple are quite young, but Bencivengo noted his relationship with Harrison had been the “best eight months of my entire life”.

The pair answered fans’ questions in a recent video, including whether the marriage was a prank. Read on to find out what she said…

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Did Symonne Harrison get married to Nick Bencivengo?

According to their Our Wedding Story upload, the teens are bona fide married.

But their socials have been bombarded by the question “is it real?” and the Bencivengos avoided the question for a few days.

The couple hasn’t answered yes or no, but Nick explains: “If you guys don’t believe us, that is totally fine. But if you watch those two videos and you guys really think that it’s a prank then, I don’t know.”

“If you guys don’t believe us, that’s fine, we support your decision. If you do believe us, thank you for the support, we love you,” Symonne adds.

There you have it, the young couple are married but won’t be living together – yet.

A bigger wedding with friends and family is planned for later in the year, and a combined channel could be possible.


The internet has been fooled! Bencivengo revealed in a video that the proposal and wedding ceremony were pranks since they wanted to try making ‘married for 24 hours’ content.

They note that their fake event was an “entertainment wedding”, the same as Erika Costell and Jake Paul‘s in 2017.

Although not married, Harrison will continue wearing the Dior ring that Bencivengo gifted her. Instead, it’s now a promise ring because the pair are still very much in love.

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