Who is Sunhatkid, the YouTuber embroiled in Danny Duncan drama?

Molly Young December 3, 2021
Who is Sunhatkid, the YouTuber embroiled in Danny Duncan drama?

Who is Sunhatkid, aka Aaron Hall? The YouTuber is currently trending on the platform after publishing a video in which he explained why he parted ways with fellow YouTuber and former employer Danny Duncan. Duncan has yet to respond to the unverified claims, and we have reached out to Danny for a comment.

As Sunhatkid continues to trend, let’s find out more about the actor and YouTuber, and his former relationship with Danny Duncan.

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Who is Sunhatkid?

Sunhatkid, whose real name is Aaron Hall, is a YouTuber who earned his nickname after sporting a straw sunhat in most of his videos.

With more than 330K subscribers, his content on the platform ranges from pranks to comedy skits and other humorous footage.

For example, in February 2020, Hall introduced his long-term girlfriend, nicknamed “Bunny”, to viewers with this video. “Bunny”is now a familiar face in his videos.

However, Sunhatkid’s most recent video took a more serious turn, as Hall sat down to share the story of why he parted ways with former YouTube collaborator and employer Danny Duncan.

The claims Hall makes have yet to be corroborated by Duncan, who hasn’t come forward with a statement at the time of writing or replied to our request for comment. Sunhatkid’s video has now racked up over 700,000 views and generated many online disputes between fan bases.

Aaron Hall’s social media career is on the up

Over on Instagram, @sunhatkid is categorised as an actor, with his bio stating he makes comedy videos and loves to act.

The account has more than 180,000 followers to accompany his current total of 291 posts, which feature comedy skits, photographs of himself with friends, and insights into his regular life.

For example, he recently attended a fancy dress party alongside other well-known online creators such as Tana Mongeau and Bryce Hall.

The YouTuber has also released a number of merch ranges, now sold on crowdmade.com. The selection of fan merch includes hoodies and T-shirts proudly displaying some of his most popular catchphrases.

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Over on Twitter, @sunhatkid1 has a smaller following of 2,551 users and the bio locates Hall in Ohio, USA.

Meanwhile, on TikTok, @sunhatkid33 has more than 4,000 followers who enjoy his comedy content. According to the bio, Hall’s previous account was banned at a much higher sub count: “I’m one of those people who is gonna say this.. I was banned at 650k.”

Sunhatkid’s former friendship with Danny Duncan

YouTube creator Danny Duncan has more than six million subscribers and is best known for his prank videos as well as the occasional altercation with a disgruntled subject of his practical jokes.

In Sunhatkid‘s YouTube upload from 1 December 2021, he touched on his initial relationship with Duncan, explaining Duncan had helped him out a great deal during the course of their friendship.

Prior to his online success, Hall was homeless and ready to move back to his home town when Duncan gave him a place to stay before eventually co-signing an apartment for him.

Later, according to Sunhatkid, Duncan presented him with a ten-year contract to make him part of a creator team in Los Angeles, allegedly preventing Hall from collaborating with other creators.

Their working relationship previously involved producing videos together, where Hall can be seen wearing his classic sun hat. However, the two had recently been absent from one another’s content, prompting questions from fans, which Hall answered with his story time video from a couple days ago.

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