Meet Justice Stephen Breyer's wife and children following retirement news

Yasmine Leung January 27, 2022
Meet Justice Stephen Breyer's wife and children following retirement news
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Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer will retire after serving almost 30 years, CNN reports, so with all that extra time to spend with his family, let’s find out more about his wife and three children.

News of Stephen Breyer’s retirement hit headlines on 26 January 2022, setting the stage for President Biden to fulfil his promise of nominating the first black woman to the bench, which he pledged during his 2020 campaign.

Breyer was appointed by President Bill Clinton in 1994 to replace Harry Blackmun. Aged 83, he’s the oldest member of the court.

Biden was reportedly told of the retirement plan last week, with the lawyer formally announcing the news on Thursday, 27 January.

People have been turning their attention to what Breyer’s life could be like in retirement – so here’s what we know about his family.

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Predators | Official Trailer | Sky

Predators | Official Trailer | Sky

Breyer is married to a British aristocrat

Breyer is married to The Honourable Joanna Freda Hare, who was born 27 July 1942. She is 79 years old. Her father was British politician and aristocrat John Hare, first Viscount Blakenham, giving her the courtesy title.

Hare studied politics, philosophy and economics at Oxford University and, as a talented tennis player, she received The Blue Award – the highest honour for athletes at the institution.

She gained a masters in education, a doctorate in psychology from Harvard, and went on to become a clinical psychologist working with children suffering from cancer.

Hare and Breyer met in 1966 at an event in Georgetown, Washington, DC. At the time, Breyer was 28 years old and worked as a Justice Department aide, while Hare was assistant to the Sunday Times’ Washington reporter.

They tied the knot in September 1967 at a church in Suffolk, England, and celebrated at the Hare country estate.

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Meet Stephen Breyer’s children

Breyer and Hare share three children: Chloe, Nell and Michael.

Chloe Breyer

Breyer is an Episcopal priest in the Diocese of New York and associate priest at St Phillip’s Church in Harlem. She’s also director of non-profit The Interfaith Center Of New York, an organisation that aims to resolve the city’s social issues.

Like her parents, she studied at Harvard but for a degree in government and comparative religion. Her book – The Close: A Young Woman’s First Year At Seminary – was published in 2000.

Nell Breyer

Nell Breyer studied at MIT, and is an artist whose works have been exhibited in international galleries such as Italy’s Museo Del’arte Moderna E Contemporanea Di Trento E Rovereto, The Bangladesh National Museum, and The National Academy Of Arts & Sciences.

Her most recent pieces on social media have been mixed media. You check some of them out here:

Michael Breyer

Michael was 2012 Democratic candidate for California State Assembly’s District 19. The 48-year-old married Leah Solivan in December 2019 and they have one son, Stevie.

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