Who is Stefanie Gurzanski? Her OnlyFans career, Reddit drama and Instagram

Kate Fowler October 16, 2020
Who is Stefanie Gurzanski? Her OnlyFans career, Reddit drama and Instagram

Stefanie Gurzanski is widely popular on her Instagram @stefaniegurzanski, but there’s still little information out there about her. We’ve looked into the mysterious model’s background so you don’t have to.

25-year-old Stefanie Gurzanski is a Canadian model and influencer. At only 5’3″ she’s shorter than most models, but that hasn’t affected her success.

Since she started modelling in high school aged 17, Gurzanski has covered magazines including Vogue Ukraine and Cosmo Mexico. Plus, she’s been in campaigns for Playboy and Guess.

With over 1.7 million Instagram followers, she’s ultra-active on the platform and regularly updates fans with pics and videos.

She used to have a different name

If you don’t recognise the name Gurzanski, then Knight might ring a few more bells for you. Stefanie changed her name last year from Knight to Gurzanski.

Although it’s unclear why she decided to change her name, with some speculating she might have married, one Reddit user pointed out that the Knight corporation was dissolved for non-compliance. The same paperwork shows her birth name to be Stefanie Gurzanski Quenville.

Some believe, however, that Knight was merely a stage name that she no longer wants from her Playboy days.

Stefanie Gurzanski’s Playboy career

Gurzanski first posed for Playboy Plus in 2014, when she was 19 years old, and was voted Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the Month in March 2014. She was also Miss June for Playboy Mexico in 2017.

“From my first photo shoot, I knew I wanted to be a model. And Playboy was never far from my mind. I applied, but being Canadian was a bit of an issue – and then a producer emailed me about an event in Montreal. The next day I was on a plane – and then I was booked for a photoshoot,” she told Playboy Plus.

Stefanie Gurzanski’s OnlyFans and Reddit

Much like many other celebrities and models, Gurzanski runs a successful OnlyFans account where she charges for exclusive, apparently explicit, content.

It’s reported she took control of her own image with OnlyFans and apparently demanded Reddit remove nude images of her from her forum.

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