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Who is Stefan Thomas? Chipotle's partner in "burrito or bitcoin" giveaway

Olivia Olphin March 31, 2021
Stefan Thomas chipotle
Photo Illustration by Miguel Candela/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Chipotle have just announced that they are going to be giving away $100,000 in bitcoin and also in burritos! Bitcoin legend Stefan Thomas has come onboard with Chipotle to help create a “burrito or bitcoin” game. We take a look at exactly what this giveaway is, as well as Stefan Thomas’ net worth.

What is Stefan Thomas’ net worth?

Stefan Thomas has become well known in the bitcoin community for losing the password to his hard drive that held over $220 million worth of bitcoin.

He had an iron key password system to keep his bitcoin wallet safe. However, Thomas lost the piece of paper with the password on and only has 10 attempts before the hard drive is locked forever.

As of January this year he has only two attempts left to re-gain access to the wallet.

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Thomas was born in Germany in 1988 and is 33 years old. He is a programmer who lives in San Francisco.

He is the founder and CEO of the company Coil which uses web monetisation to give micropayments to websites per visitor.

Thomas gained his BA in Business Studies from the Open University. He worked previously as an investor and board member for Omni, as well as for the JS foundation.

Thomas also joined Ripple, previously OpenCoin, as a senior engineer. He is well known for his previous video content explaining the main concepts of Bitcoin to beginners.

Stefan Thomas has been locked out of his wallet for more than nine years now. So although his estimated net worth includes the $220 million bitcoin, he can no longer access this.

However, there is little information about his current net worth, only the value of his lost bitcoin.

What is Chipotle’s “burrito or bitcoin” giveaway?

Stefan Thomas and Chipotle are designing a mission for fans which requires them to undertake a “chiptocurrency” mission.

Fans will have to crack the code of the digital wallet. Players will have up to 10 guesses to work out a six-digit code.

If you get the code right you can win a free burrito, or bitcoin. You could win up to $25,000 in the cryptocurrency.

Stefan Thomas is going to launch the game which playfully mimics his own experiences losing the password to his hard drive.

The mission will start on National Burrito Day this Thursday 1 April.

You simply have to head to on the day to try and win some cryptocurrency or a delicious snack.

The game will be live at 9am PT and ends at 6pm of that day.

According to Chipotle 10,000 fans will win a burrito, 50 will win $500 in bitcoin, and three lucky players will win $25,000 in bitcoin.

We can’t wait to try our luck with this innovative game.

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