Slick Goku died at a 'too early age': Family's GoFundMe raises $21K from 700 donors

Bruno Cooke January 23, 2023
Slick Goku died at a 'too early age': Family's GoFundMe raises $21K from 700 donors
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The family of YouTube animator Slick Goku, real name Reggie Groover, confirmed his death on Saturday, January 21, 2023, although they didn’t at the time reveal such details as his age or what caused his passing.

Others have since referred to both, however.

His mother, Janice Gore, has set up a GoFundMe to garner financial support from Groover’s community to assist with funeral costs and the like. The fundraiser names Juston Schramm as a team member and co-organiser.

Tributes have been coming in thick and fast on social media, with friends and collaborators of Goku’s describing him variously as “genuine,” a “very good friend” and totally unique.

Tyumen, Russia – April 30,2019: YouTube App icon channel on iPhone XR

What is Slick Goku aka Reggie Groover’s age, according to those that knew him?

One YouTube user commenting on Prince Vegeta’s video paying tribute to Slick Goku refers to Reggie Groover – the man behind the mask – as being 25 years of age.

They claim to have been “introduced” to him “years ago,” via Dragonball Gohanverse, by Daitomodachi. However, one Twitter user who appears to have been impacted by Groover’s death writes that Reggie “aka Slick Goku has passed away [at] age 27.”

In other words, the claim is that he’s actually two years older.

Regardless of which acquaintance/fan is correct, the age of the man producing the Slick Goku videos appears to be mid to late 20s. Far younger than anyone would have expected, which begs the question of what may have caused his untimely death.

“Antalya, Turkey – May 6, 2011: iPad is on the Apple Macbook Pro. Youtube logo on iPad screen. Youtube is the largest video sharing website in the world.”

What have people been reporting as the cause of Slick Goku’s death?

While the family of Reggie Groover have not confirmed one way or the other regarding his cause of death, voice actor Freddie Heinz has described it as a “severe seizure.”

He worked with Slick Goku on Dragonball: Gohanverse.

Heinz tweeted on January 21 that he had been “quiet for the last few days” following Reggie’s death. He said he had “died two days ago due to a severe seizure,” and described Slick as a “very good friend.”

Many things can cause seizures. Anything that interrupts the regular connectivity between nerve cells in the brain can trigger one, according to Hopkins Medicine. Triggers can include a high fever, high or low blood sugar, or a brain concussion. 

Social media users pay tribute to late YouTube animator

“I never have the right words to say in these situations, but my good friend, brother even, passed January 19,” fellow voice actor and director Revel House tweeted (via their DEEsidia handle). 

“Passed away at a too early age,” commented one YouTube user on a video posted by Prince Vegeta paying tribute to Slick Goku. 

“There’s never going to be anyone like you on this earth again,” the YouTuber, real name J B Coleman, says in the video. “And everyday, I hope that you can watch over me and push me forward like you always did. Because I’m going to need it.”

Heinz wrote that he needs “some time to think,” and that Slick Goku’s passing has hit him “harder than I thought.” 

When is his funeral service?

According to the latest update from Reggie Groover’s family, the “tentative date” for his funeral service is currently January 28, 2023.

Juston Schramm will update the GoFundMe page will more information as and when it becomes available, they add.

The page’s description features a passage from J B Coleman, the YouTuber mentioned above (Prince Vegeta). They knew each other for seven years; Coleman describes Groover as his best friend.

The page has so far raised more than $21,000 of its initial $10,000 goal. Nearly 700 people have donated, and counting. 

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