In unexpected celeb news, John Cena recently married Persian-born fiancée Shay Shariatzadeh. Here’s everything you need to know about Shay Shariatzadeh: age, job, their wedding and how the two met. Congratulations to the lovely couple!

About Shay Shariatzadeh: Age and job

Shay Shariatzadeh is the newlywed wife of professional WWE wrestler John Cena. According to Metro, she is an Iranian born, Canadian citizen.

Born in 1989, Shay is 31 years old, which makes her 12 years Cena’s junior. She studied at The University of British Columbia and got a bachelor’s degree in 2013, in electrical and electronics engineering. She currently works for Sonatype as a product manager since 2019.

Her LinkedIn account about section says: “I love technology and people! I excel at building rapport with customers, determining market needs and translating those into engineering requirements so we can build successful products that people love.” This shows Shay’s love of her craft.

How did John Cena meet Shay Shariatzadeh?

John and Shay met in early 2019, while Cena was filming the comedy “Playing with fire”.

A year later, there were rumours that the two had got engaged, but nothing was confirmed. Then, only a few days ago, it turned out the couple had had a secret wedding on 12 October! The ceremony was an intimate affair in Tampa, Florida, as Cena likes to keep his private life, well, private.

John Cena’s dating history

John Cena married high school sweetheart Elizabeth Huberdeu in 2009, but the couple ended it just three years later, in 2012.


Following his split with Elizabeth, Cena got into a relationship with WWE co-worker, Nikki Bella in 2012. In 2017, he proposed to Nikki live on TV in the middle of a wrestling match. The two were engaged until 2018, when they quietly called it quits.

Then, in early 2019, John met Shay Shariatzadeh and apparently couldn’t “take his eyes off her”.

Let’s hope third time’s a charm.

Where is Cena now?

John Cena is set to appear is some big-name blockbusters next year and has many film and TV projects lined up, such as Fast and Furious, Suicide Squad and Wrestlemania 37.

John Cena theme song

There are rumours that John Cena is getting ready to retire from WWE and Forbes reports studios are not keen on him wrestling and acting at the same time, as filming could be delayed due to a potential injury.

Whichever way Cena’s WWE career goes, we hope to see more of Shay Shariatzadeh and John Cena together as the next big power couple.

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