Who is Shane Morris? Travis Scott ex-manager's 'seizure' story resurfaces

Molly Young November 8, 2021
Who is Shane Morris? Travis Scott ex-manager’s ‘seizure’ story resurfaces
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Travis Scott’s former manager, Shane Morris, has previously claimed an incident took place regarding the American rap artist and a “seizure” – now the story has resurfaced on the internet following the tragic accident at Astroworld festival.

Who is Shane Morris? Meet the engineer on his social media platforms, his past working relationship with Travis Scott, and his online claims.

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Photo by Rick Kern/Getty Images

Who is Shane Morris?

Shane Morris recently gained notoriety on TikTok after speaking about his experience working for American artist Travis Scott, currently in the spotlight following the Astroworld tragedy.

In his bio on the video-sharing platform, @shanemorrisdotsucks describes himself as a “machine-learning engineer, dad, husband and cornbread eater from the state of Texas”.

On social networking service Myspace, on his personalised website (shanemorris.sucks) he describes himself as a 34-year-old male while his relationship status is set as ‘married’.

Kriya | Official Trailer

Kriya | Official Trailer

In a TikTok video directed toward his new followers in April 2021, @shanemorrisdotsucks shared some facts about himself.

Using transitioning captions, Morris claimed he’s interested in nuclear physics, hails from Atlanta, and loves his wife and son.

Working as an artificial intelligence engineer, Morris is an “IT expert with a mission to develop intelligent algorithms capable of learning, analysing and predicting future events”, according to DSTI.

His role is to “create machines capable of reasoning like the human brain”.

Over on Instagram, @shane_t_rex has a privatised profile, with his bio stating his account is ‘out of use’.

Explore his career with American rapper

In a TikTok video uploaded by Shane Morris, he claims he met Travis Scott in 2009 while running a site called earmilk.com with friends.

Morris was reportedly a junior-level software engineer and had just finished working with Myspace Music.

Morris also claims that while working with Scott, he and his team faked the artist’s popularity, using software to enhance his visibility.


Reply to @user45600501586078 What does software have to do with music? #software #spillthetea #behindthescenes #travisscott #astroworld

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In another TikTok video, Morris makes claims about Travis Scott’s track Analogue.

Although Analogue was never officially released, the track was leaked in 2012, according to Genius.

Travis Scott has been unable to respond to any of Morris’s accusations.

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Travis Scott ex-manager’s ‘seizure’ story resurfaces

Morris gained a lot of attention online after his claims regarding working with Scott.

Although unconfirmed and with no proof, @shanemorrisdotsucks claims he had a seizure in the presence of Travis Scott but was left alone in a Los Angeles basement.

Shane Morris claims he originally told this story in 2013 and it recirculated on Reddit in 2015.

Following the recent tragedies that took place at the artist’s annual music festival, Astroworld, Morris’s claims have started to circulate the internet once more.

We have been unable to contact Travis Scott regarding any of Morris’ comments and it’s a case of one man’s claims about another.

Meanwhile our sympathy goes out to the family and friends of those affected by the Astroworld tragedy.

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