RIP Scott Murray MacDonald: Death of fitness enthusiast shocks community

Bruno Cooke March 2, 2022
RIP Scott Murray MacDonald: Death of fitness enthusiast shocks community


Social media fitness instructor and nutrition enthusiast Scott Murray MacDonald died on Wednesday, 23 February 2022 – his cause of death, according to his family, was heart failure. His funeral took place today, at Monkstown Parish Church in County Dublin, Ireland.

Monkstown funeral commemorates Scott Murray MacDonald following 23 February death

Yesterday (Tuesday, 2 March 2022), Monkstown Parish Church in County Dublin, Ireland held a funeral to commemorate fitness instructor and influencer Scott Murray MacDonald.

He died at an early age on Wednesday, 23 February 2022. The cause of death, per a statement from his family, was heart failure. 

The funeral commenced at 11:30am, local time, and was available to watch online via a YouTube live stream. 

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Scott Murray MacDonald was born in, and spent a large part of his childhood in, Italy – he was bilingual – so it was necessary for the funeral to be accessible to those unable to attend in person. 

As such, the funeral celebrant greeted the Italian members of the audiences by saying “Benvenuto”, and welcomed “all those who are watching us from around the world”.

Family of Scott Murray MacDonald pay tribute to son who ‘died peacefully’

Scott Murray MacDonald’s family submitted a statement to be read during the funeral service. 

In their tribute, Gail (Armstrong) and Peter, as named in Carnegies’ death notice, describe their son Scott Murray as a “bright, funny, kind, sensitive and generous man”.

“He was also very creative, with a fierce determination to succeed in all that he did.”

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Source: YouTube [Scott Murray]

He attended St Andrews College in Dublin, and was a keen sportsman, the family said. Among his pastimes were golf and swimming, in both of which he excelled. 

Murray earned a First Class degree in health and performance sciences at University College, Dublin and went on to complete a Masters degree in nutrition.

“Ironically,” concluded the family’s statement, “in the end, he ignored his own health, which led to his eventual downfall. He died peacefully at home while making his dinner. His heart could take no more.”

How old was he?

According to his Scott Murray Fitness website, he was 25 years old. 

However, Famous Birthdays, which collects and catalogs information relating to people popular on social media, lists Scott Murray’s date of birth as 3 June 1994, which would make him 27 years old at time of death.

He started using Instagram in 2014. Per the bio on his website, as a teenager he had a “poor relationship with food” and was “severely upset about [his] appearance”.

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Slow Horses | Official Trailer | Apple TV+

Slow Horses | Official Trailer | Apple TV+

“From there, as a result of sheer lack of knowledge available at the time,” he wrote, “I lost too much weight, too quickly”, and “ended up the complete opposite.” 

This led him to spend years learning about the intersection of fitness and nutrition. When he died, he was working on growing his online business, and in particular his YouTube channel.

Since his death, Scott Murray’s most recent social media posts and YouTube upload have been flooded with tributes and words of condolence for his family.

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