Trump town hall aftermath: Twitter reacts to moderator Savannah Guthrie's pink suit

Kate Fowler October 29, 2020
Trump town hall aftermath: Twitter reacts to moderator Savannah Guthrie's pink suit
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Yesterday, 15 October, Savannah Guthrie moderated Donald Trump’s town hall on NBC. In the aftermath, Twitter exploded with admiration for the pink suit Savannah Guthrie was wearing.

As journalist and broadcaster Savannah Guthrie moderated the town hall – introduced as a replacement for the cancelled second presidential debate due to Trump’s positive Covid-19 result – viewers took to Twitter to share their admiration for her pink suit.

All eyes on Savannah Guthrie

“Will @SavannahGuthrie’s hot pink suit be sold at the NBC store later tonight? Asking for a friend,” tweeted one fan.

What is the meaning behind Savannah Guthrie’s pink suit?

Viewers of the Town Hall have taken to Twitter to speculate that the pink suit worn by Savannah could be the Ambition Suits You suit. The famous pink suit is a joint effort between Argent, who clothes many politicians in powersuits, and Supermajority, who aims to enable women to become organisers, activists and leaders.

Celebrities like Amy Schumer have sported the pink suit on their Instagram accounts in an attempt to support the campaign which encourages more women to vote.

Many speculated that Savannah Guthrie’s pink suit from last night’s town hall was the Ambition Suits You one seen on their feeds: “Did any one else notice Savannah Guthrie’s hot pink suit? I don’t think it was a coincidence. #ambitionsuitsyou “ tweeted one fan.

Savannah’s worn the pink suit before

Although the suit may be a well-timed nod to the campaign and its message, avid viewers of NBC may recognise the pink suit from way back.

Guthrie wore the same suit on an episode of The Today Show in 2018, and another in 2019. She also wore the jacket by itself on her Instagram in February too. Seeing as the Ambition Suits You suit was only released on 7 October, it’s likely her suit is instead the same one she’s worn previously.

Plus, if you look closely, Guthrie’s is double buttoned, while the Argent one has only one button.

Where can you buy the pink suit?

Without confirmation from Guthrie herself or her stylist, it’s difficult to say exactly where she may have bought it. According to this source, the suit is by designer Altuzarra. However, according to ShopYourTV, the blazer is by A.L.C.

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