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Sanchovies speaks out as streamer is banned 'indefinitely' from Twitch

Amber Peake April 24, 2022
sanchovies banned


League Of Legends streamer Sanchovies has spoken out after he was banned from Twitch earlier this week.

Sanchovies, who is known within the League Of Legends gaming community, addressed his ban in a statement. He issued a post to followers on social media over the weekend.

Following his statement, some are now curious to know why Sanchovies was banned in the first place. Here’s all we know…

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Why was Sanchovies banned?

Sanchovies’ Twitch page currently states his channel is “unavailable due to a violation of Twitch’s community guidelines or terms of service.”

The streamer’s account was reportedly suspended earlier this week on Wednesday (20 April 2022) following a short stream with fans.

Action against his account was taken after Sanchovies allegedly made a threat against his internet service provider after suffering problems with his internet during the stream.

As reported by Sportskeeda, following his ban in a now since-deleted tweet, he wrote “I don’t care” in response to the StreamerBan Twitter account declaring his ban.

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Sanchovies speaks out on the ban

The streamer has finally spoken out on his ban in a statement on TwitLonger published today (24 April). It comes after a four-day break from Twitter.

In the statement, Sanchovies explained the events that led to his ban. Also, he apologised for what he said during the stream.

He then addressed his now-deleted tweet, stating he didn’t care about the ban as he admitted he initially thought his Twitch ban would only last a few days.

Sanchovies explained: “I thought it was just going to be a short ban of a few days at most, considering I’d never been banned before in my ~4 years of streaming.”

The streamer went on to add that after getting in contact with his manager and the Twitch appeal portal, he learned his suspension is “indefinite.”

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Get to know the streamer

Sanchovies, whose real name is Karim, is a Canadian gaming streamer known across YouTube and Twitch.

The streamer is best known within the League Of Legends community but also plays other popular games, including Fortnite and Minecraft.

According to TwitchTracker, up until his ban, Sanchovies had 320,000 followers and over 14.8 million views to date.

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