Russell Westbrook is known for making a statement on the basketball court. Now he’s taking that same attitude to the fashion world.

Basketball and fashion have long gone hand-in-hand, with players from the NBA being at the forefront of trends. It seems Russell Westbrook is taking a leaf out of Dennis Rodman’s book and pushing the boat out with his latest look.

The LA Lakers star shared images from a reported GQ shoot to his social media on Saturday, 11 September. The outfit sees Russell is dressed in a skirt, cardigan and debuting a new blue hair colour. Let’s take a look at who is responsible for creating this style.

Russell Westbrook wows internet with outfit choice

For his GQ shoot, Russell Westbrook was styled in a maxi white tennis skirt, a cream button-up cardigan and black leather boots. He was styled with a pearl necklace, a silver chain and watches. The neutral look was partnered with a pop of colour coming from Russell’s blue hair.

Paired with a regular jean trouser, this look might have been relatively conventional. The addition of the long white skirt and pearls has caused somewhat of a stir given that they are items typically associated with and worn by women.

Who designed Russell Westbrook’s skirt?

The skirt Russell Westbrook was wearing in the photos was designed by Thom Browne. The American designer is based in New York City and has lines for both mens and womenswear.

Thom Browne is also thought to be the designer behind Russell’s cardigan.

His women’s and men’s spring 2022 collection debuted at New York Fashion Week on Saturday, 11 September 2021, the same day Russell Westbrook wore the head-to-toe Thom Browne look.

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Fans react to Russell’s new look

There are those who have scrutinised Russell Westbrook over the choice of outfit, others who have heaped praise onto the Lakers star.

One fan tweeted: “Russell Westbrook is always himself no matter what, and I’ll always respect him for that.”

Another mocked Westbrook’s critics: “Some Lakers fans asking to trade Russell Westbrook because he wore a kilt. I’m dead bro y’all are sad”

His teammates such as PJ Tucker have also offered their support.

Kid Cudi also displayed a similar look at NYFW on Saturday, 11 September 2021. Cudi had dyed blue hair, a long black skirt and a Nirvana logo shirt.

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