Who is Rose McGowan's boyfriend? New partner mentioned in 'cult' Fox interview

Leigh McManus April 27, 2021

Does Rose McGowan have a new boyfriend or partner? Is she married? People are wondering about the actress’s personal life after an interview with Fox where her new “beloved” was mentioned.

In the interview, the actress went live over video call with Fox Primetime’s Tammy Bruce, to speak her mind about the current American political climate. She mentioned having grown up in a cult, which is why she believes that followers of the Democratic party are showing signs of also “being in a deep cult”, as she put it.

Did Rose McGowan grow up in a cult?

This helps to explain her cult comments in the Fox interview.

To support her comments about the Democratic party, McGowan, 47, confirmed that she grew up in a cult, namely the Children Of God.

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The Children Of God began in the United States in the late 1960s, founded by David Berg. The cult is considered controversial for its alleged promotion of sexual behaviours with no limits, regardless of relationship or age.

In the Fox Primetime interview which aired last night, McGowan told host Tammy Bruce that being in the group gave her “superpowers.” The powers are, the actress explained, the ability “to see the control and the propaganda machine, especially in the US, for what it is and how it harms people and how the left can harm people just as much as the right.”

The actress was born in Florence, Italy, where her parents lived in a commune of the Children Of God cult.

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Speaking to The Irish Times in 2019, McGowan said her family decided to leave the cult when “they started advocating child-adult sex and that was too far for my father, so we escaped.”

McGowan’s Fox interview switched the focus back on to her personal life, and who she’s dating, especially after the host mentioned that the actress has a new “beloved.” So, many viewers are now wondering about Rose McGowan’s boyfriend or girlfriend and who that might be.

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Does Rose McGowan have a boyfriend? Who is her new partner?

The actress shot to fame in the 90s in the horror movie Scream, followed by the TV series Charmed, and her popularity meant her relationships were always in the public eye.

Rose McGowan was married to visual artist Davey until she filed for divorce in February 2016, around three years after they got hitched in an “ethereal” ceremony.

McGowan later dated model and activist Rain Dove and has had a couple of relationships since their very public split in 2019.

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In February last year Rose McGowan confirmed she was dating a woman called Sienna, before stating in October 2020 that she was dating, and living with, a man in Mexico. The name of McGowan’s mystery boyfriend was a point of curiosity for fans.

On the topic, all she said was: “His name is Ivan and he is from Northern Mexico… He’s just a beautiful human, a good man, and age-appropriate. He’s 41, so handsome.”

It is unclear whether Rose McGowan’s boyfriend – or “new beloved” is Ivan or someone else entirely.

Before the relationships with Rain Dove and Davey, McGowan had been dating director Robert Rodriguez, journalist David Zinczenko and was engaged to musician Marilyn Manson from 1999 to 2001.

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