Is Robbie Arnett the brother of Will Arnett? Age and bio of Elizabeth Olsen's husband

kayleighbarker June 9, 2021
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Yesterday, 9 June, Elizabeth Olsen casually revealed in an interview that she married her long-time partner, Robbie Arnett. With a similar name to famous actor Will Arnett, fans are now asking the question: who is Robbie Arnett and is Will his brother? Arnett’s age, net worth and bio explored here.

Who is Robbie Arnett? Age and net worth revealed

In a recent Variety interview, Olsen let it slip that her long-time fiancé, Robbie Arnett, was now her husband. After dating for two years and being engaged for two more, it is no surprise fans are ecstatic by the news but what we all want to know is, who is Robbie Arnett?

Born in 1992, age 27, Arnett is a Californian native and, like Olsen herself, Arnett loves the spotlight. Not long after graduating from the University of California, Arnett and three friends formed Indie pop band Milo Greene, where Arnett took over multiple instruments and lead vocals.

All Music revealed Arnett’s band really took off in 2012 when they hit number one on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart.

Throughout his 27 years, Robbie Arnett has accomplished a lot, earning himself an estimated net worth of $9 million.

How did Elizabeth Olsen meet her husband?

According to E! Online, Arnett and Olsen met in February 2017 while on holiday in Mexico. Just a month later, the pair were photographed walking down the street holding hands. Their relationship was officially confirmed in September 2017 when they made a romantic debut at an Emmys event.

News of the couple’s engagement then broke in 2019, but it was a quiet affair and neither Olsen nor her then-fiancé revealed anything about wedding plans.

However, this time Olsen herself seems to have confirmed in a Variety interview that the pair have quietly tied the knot. She casually referred to Robbie as her “husband”. She wrote: “I also just noticed that my husband put Little Miss Magic. You know, the Little Miss books?”

She added: “They’re these classic books but ‘magic’ because of WandaVision because he’s such a cutie!”

Is Robbie Arnett the brother of actor Will Arnett?

With the name similarity, fans have been wondering whether Elizabeth Olsen’s husband Robbie Arnett and actor Will Arnett are related… brothers even.

Well in short, the answer is no. Robbie and Will are not brothers, nor are they otherwise related.

Although the two share the same last name, they have separate parents and different nationalities, with Robbie Arnett holding an American passport and Will holding a Canadian one.

Additionally, with Will Arnett’s fame comes extensive information about the actor’s family and there is nothing linking the two Arnetts. According to ECB, the Arrested Development star only has one brother, Charles Arnett, a sales manager from New York.

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