YouTuber Rhett McLaughlin's tattoos explored as he shows off new ink

Amber Peake January 14, 2022
YouTuber Rhett McLaughlin’s tattoos explored as he shows off new ink


YouTuber Rhett McLaughlin, better known alongside fellow creator Link Neal for their Good Mythical Morning series, has revealed he has a new inking. 

Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal, aka Rhett and Link, are YouTube staples having created regular content on the video-sharing platform for more than a decade. The two launched their now popular weekday talk series Good Mythical Morning in 2012, with the channel now 10 years later at 17.4 million subscribers. 

This week on the series Rhett McLaughlin unveiled a new tattoo with some now curious to know if he has any others. Let’s take a look…

Supernatural Academy | Official Trailer | Peacock Original

Supernatural Academy | Official Trailer | Peacock Original
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Rhett McLaughlin shows off new tattoo

On Tuesday (11 January), as part of Good Mythical Morning’s sister series Good Mythical More, Rhett revealed he got a new tattoo. The inking is of the Voyager 1 space probe, which was launched alongside the Voyager 2 into space in 1977. According to NASA‘s website, both space crafts were launched to explore “where nothing from Earth has flown before.”

In the video, Rhett explained he connected to the story behind the Voyager 1 personally as he was born in 1977, the same year it launched. He also noted that when Voyager 1 made history as it reached interstellar space in 2012, that was also a poignant time for him as he left his faith. 

He later added he has plans to get other tattoos in the future: “So there it is the beginning of what will hopefully a large sleeve of tattoos.”

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Fans gush about its meaning on social media

Following the Good Mythical More episode, fans have since taken to social media as they shared their appreciation for its meaning and personal connection to Rhett:  

Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images
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Does Rhett have any other tattoos?

While he admitted he hopes to one day have a sleeve on his arm, it seems the YouTuber only has one other inking, his wife’s name Jessie on his behind. 

He and fellow Good Mythical Morning YouTuber Link Neal both got an inking of their wife’s names in 2010 as they filmed a commercial style video for a local tattoo shop as part of a video series:

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