Who's the owner of Pica Pica Candy? Meet the boss of IG viral sweet treat

Yasmine Leung January 19, 2022
Who's the owner of Pica Pica Candy? Meet the boss of IG viral sweet treat

Candy company Pica Pica has blown up in the last year thanks to its influencer marketing and collaborations, so customers now want to know who the girlboss owner is.

Pica Pica Candy reviews are all over YouTube and, if you follow Hispanic influencers, you’ve probably heard of the viral brand.

Launched in 2018, Pica Pica is known for its dulce enchilados, a sweet and tart confectionary coated in chilli and spice. It’s a popular Mexican snack also known as chamoy-covered candy.

Fruit-flavoured sweets are typically used so Skittles, Gummy Bears and Sour Ropes are just some of the fan favourites.

Other than being the mastermind behind such a successful candy business, owner Amanda Castillo is trending after influencer Cindy Cervantes talked about her experiences working with the brand.

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Meet the owner of Pica Pica Candy

Castillo is of Hispanic descent. According to her profile, as well as being chief executive of Pica Pica she’s the owner of recently launched HappyDaze CBD, while a physical Pica Pica shop is also in the works.

When she’s not running her multiple businesses, Castillo travels extensively or films YouTube videos. She gives fans behind-the-scenes footage through “day in the life” and photoshoot vlogs.

In February 2021, she underwent a “fox eye” Botox treatment and had a double chin reduction about a month later. Her Q&A video also revealed she had a Brazilian butt lift in 2019 and breast augmentation.

Who is Castillo’s husband?

The entrepreneur is married to Eusebio Salazar, who is also a director of Pica Pica. They met at a Gamestop branch in a mall when she was 16. The couple tied the knot in 2014 and celebrated their seventh anniversary on 27 December 2021.

Castillo and Salazar have one son, Santi, who was born August 2014. They live in Brownsville, Texas. On 15 January 2022, the family revealed they were expecting another child. Congratulations to the Salazar family!

Find Amanda Castillo on Instagram

Her Instagram is her most active platform, so follow Amanda if you want to keep updated on her travels and adorable family snaps.

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