Who was Stephen Sondheim's former partner Peter Jones?

Amber Peake November 27, 2021
Who was Stephen Sondheim's former partner Peter Jones?
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It has been announced that celebrated musical theatre composer and songwriter Stephen Sondheim has died aged 91. His passing was confirmed by his lawyer to the New York Times yesterday, Friday, 26 November. 

Following the news, fans are curious to know more about the late composer’s love life. We look back on his past relationships as some have wondered about his relationship with dramatist Peter Jones


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Who is Peter Jones?

Stephen Sondheim’s former partner Peter Jones is a dramatist and playwright.  Not much is known of Jones online, although he is reported to be “much younger” than Sondheim, who was in his sixties when they dated. 

Jones, who is also a record producer, is said to have been the inspiration behind one of Sondheim’s last musicals Passion. Elsewhere in a 2015 interview, it was reported Jones worked for Sondheim. 

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How long did Peter Jones and Stephen Sondheim date?

Peter Jones and Stephen Sondheim are said to have first met in 1991 and were together up until 1999. Jones was Sondheim’s first partner after opening up on his sexuality at the age of 40

According to a 1998 write up by the Independent, while Sondheim “fell deeply in love” with the dramatist, their relationship started at a steady pace as it was a year before Sondheim offered Jones his private number to contact him on. 

Following their split in the late 1990s, Sondheim and Jones stayed close friends over the years as they both moved on with different partners.

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Late composer’s love life explored

In his later years, Stephen Sondheim found love again with digital technologist and actor Jeff Romley.  Sondheim and Romley got married in 2017 and, over the years, enjoyed a private relationship together. 

According to Meaww, the couple had an age difference of 50 years, with Sondheim reflecting on their ages in an interview with The Times Of London in 2015

He remarked: “The kinds of music I grew up on are entirely different to his. Although he loves my kind of music, I do not share his taste for contemporary pop music.”

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