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Who is Pat Martino’s wife? Meet late composer’s companion Ayako Asahi

Darcy Rafter November 2, 2021
Who is Pat Martino’s wife? Meet late composer’s companion Ayako Asahi
Photo by Robertus Pudyanto/Getty Images

Pat Martino died on 1 November 2021 at the age of 77 and fans of the legendary jazz guitarist and composer want to know more about his wife, Ayako Asahi.

Much-loved jazz guitarist Pat Martino has sadly passed away, with the news announced by Martino’s manager, Joe Donofrio.

Let’s explore Pat Martino’s family life as fans pay tribute to a legend.

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Who is Pat Martino’s wife?

Martino was married to Ayako Asahi Martino, who he met in Tokyo in 1995 at the On-Air East concert theatre. They married in 1997.

Pat Martino described their first meeting: “I was signing autographs and I saw her the following day at a seminar. I came back to the States and we began to correspond. A year later, she came to the United States and she’s never gone back.”

The couple have been inseparable since and Ayako would often be seen by his side at gigs and even playing the guitar.

Martino said they liked to respect each other’s personal space: “When I say the word ‘generally’, I do so to protect her privacy. I don’t want to know exactly how she looks at things. I want her to tell me when she feels it is necessary to do so.”

The couple kept their lives private and it’s not thought they had children.

The two seemed to be soulmates and remained married from 1997 until Pat died on 1 November 2021.

Meet late composer’s companion Ayako Asahi

The composer also opened up about his wife’s faith and how it made the two bond.

“My wife, Ayako Asahi, is from Japan and is primarily a Buddhist. She is extremely Zen-oriented. In that context, she always needs change. In that way, she and I are very much alike.”

Ayako’s Buddhism led Pat to become interested in religion himself.

“Curiosity, more than anything,” created this movement. “I was born and raised a Roman Catholic. My interest began to spread, globally, in terms of different cultures and religions. Eventually, it turned into theosophy, which is the study of all religions.”

Twitter pays tribute to Pat Martino

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