Curiosity about Param Sharma's parents and net worth peaks after Tesla stunt

Jane Corscadden May 13, 2021
Curiosity about Param Sharma's parents and net worth peaks after Tesla stunt


Social media users are curious to find out who Instagrammer Param Sharma’s parents are and what his net worth is after his latest Tesla stunt. While little has been confirmed about Sharma’s background and family, we can find out details from interviews the influencer has given in the past.

Let’s take a closer look.

Who is Param Sharma?

Before we get into that, however, who is Instagrammer Param Sharma? Well, he’s a 25-year-old Indian-American man who is based in San Francisco. He’s become infamous on social media for posting photos and videos showing off his apparent wealth and extravagant lifestyle, where he uses the handle @goldcollarlavish.

Sharma’s online content includes showing off designer clothes, posing with wads of cash, and photos of exorbitant restaurant bills. Sharma continues this trend on his YouTube channel.

Most recently, his content has featured videos of himself travelling in the back seat of a self-driving Tesla, with no other person seated in the driving seat.

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On Saturday, 8 May, he was caught on camera doing this by the California Highway Patrol. They put an appeal for information out on Facebook.

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Param Sharma was later arrested for this incident. However, he wasn’t deterred as he did the exact same thing again on his release.

People curious about who Param Sharma’s parents might be

So, who are Param Sharma’s parents? People are curious about this as they’re wondering if he comes from a wealthy family after the latest Tesla stunt.

Information about the social media tycoon’s parents is scant. However, Sharma has addressed the rumours he must come from a wealthy family in previous interviews.

In a 2013 interview with Vice, Param Sharma was asked if his parents came into their fortune through oil or banking. In reply, he said: “They’re definitely not in the oil business. I can tell you that, but we prefer to not comment on it because of their reputation.”

A while back, some of his fans suggested Sharma’s mother could be a high-ranking employee of an international bank. However, this rumour has been refuted by the bank in question, which denied it in a statement. As well as this, the employee in question has spoken about her two children before and did not mention having a son called Param.

So, we know for sure she’s not Param Sharma’s mother.

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What is his net worth?

Many have been wondering what Param Sharma’s net worth is, with some speculating his online persona is just elaborate trolling. However, there are no set records of what his net worth may be at this time.

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