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Papa Jim death rumours dispelled as a hoax by Danny Duncan himself: "He's alive and well"

Leigh McManus July 22, 2021
papa jim death
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YouTuber Danny Duncan has won the hearts of millions with his antics alongside close friend Papa Jim, but online trolls spoil the party every so often by spreading false news that the pensioner has died. Last night, Duncan shared an Instagram video saying that Jim is “alive and well.”

Who is Danny Duncan?

Daniel Duncan is an American YouTube personality, sketch comedian, prankster and vlogger.

Duncan, from Englewood, Florida, graduated from Lemon Bay High School in 2010 and his first job was at his local Walgreens.

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Now, the 28-year-old has almost six million YouTube subscribers and has his own clothing brand, Virginity Rocks, which he often sports in his videos.

At the time of writing, the videos on his YouTube channel have over 1.2 billion views, or 1,263,317,845 to be exact.

He started uploading videos in March 2014. Estimates place Duncan’s net worth as high as $7.5 million.

Who is Papa Jim?

Papa Jim is a man in his nineties who often appears in Danny Duncan’s YouTube videos, getting up to all sorts of antics, from skinny dipping to quad biking.

The name might suggest that he’s a relative of Duncan’s, but he is in fact the grandfather of the YouTuber’s close friend David Tomchinsky, who works as an Executive Assistant/Social Media Manager for Duncan’s brand.

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“What’s Danny’s relation to papa Jim?” posted one person on Reddit a year ago. Someone answered that Jim is Danny’s “best friend” David’s grandfather before the YouTuber himself replied in jest, saying: “Friend* he left me out of his wedding we’re no longer best friends.”

According to Duncan’s Instagram, Papa Jim will be 92-years-old in December.

Papa Jim death rumours dispelled as hoax by Danny Duncan

In February, rumours spread online that Papa Jim passed away after Duncan uploaded an Instagram story with the caption “miss you papa,” alongside a picture of the pair together.

It eventually transpired that the YouTuber was out of town and hadn’t seen Papa Jim in a while. One Redditor said the caption was “a bad choice of words.”

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Duncan replied saying: “How is saying ‘miss you papa’ a poor choice of words lol,” appearing to confirm the pensioner was alive.

Again, this week, rumours started to circulate online that Papa Jim had died. One person caused concern when they wrote on Twitter, saying: “RIP papa Jim you were the highlight of Danny Duncan Rest In Peace papa Jim.”

However, this morning Danny himself – who appeared to be fresh back in the US from a London trip – took to Instagram to rubbish the rumours.

“Alive and well,” he captioned an Instagram story of Papa Jim saying “I need a shave” as they sat together on the sofa.

So, yet again, it appears that online trolls started the death rumours and that Papa Jim is as spritely as ever.

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