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Are Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett dating? Fans curious after Drivers License drops

Bruno Cooke January 8, 2021
olivia rodrigo and joshua bassett
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Are Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett dating? Olivia Rodrigo just released her latest single, Drivers License, and the song is trending hard on Twitter. Some diehard fans seem sure the song is about Joshua Bassett and that there’s a hidden clue in the lyrics.

Do Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett have a dating history?

The two got to know each other during rehearsals for High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. 

Reflecting on those early days, Rodrigo called Bassett “Joshi”. Meanwhile, Bassett described the “spark” they both felt when they first met.

In December 2020, YouTube channel Chicks in the Office interviewed Bassett about his relationship with Olivia Rodrigo, among other things. 

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In the video, he refers to Olivia as a “homie, for sure”, and said she’s “really wonderful”. 

He also said, when they were songwriting together, they “spent like, every hour, on and off set” together.

Has Olivia said anything romantic about Joshua?

YouTube user LeBlanc Updates has compiled a video list, with references, of possible romantic references Rodrigo has made to Bassett.

It includes the song “Gross”, which Rodrigo performed via her Instagram Live for MTV on 22 April, 2020.

The song includes the lines:

Not long ago when I saw you there
With your brown eyed grin and your messy hair
And every girl at the party was looking at you


Is it me or does it feel more than high school love?

According to LeBlanc Updates, the clues are there in the lyrics, especially given the context. For example, they were both in High School Musical, and Rodrigo referred to “high school love”.

Also, Bassett has brown eyes and arguably “messy” hair.

Clues in Rodrigo’s new song, Drivers License

The song – title all in lower case – has launched to immediate success.

Fans particularly like its bridge – the part that separates the final two choruses.

In fact, that part of the song alone has become something of an internet sensation.

However, more pertinently, fans believe Olivia Rodrigo’s new song, Drivers License, to be about Joshua Bassett. Some fans have even created memes around this theory.

Questions about whether or not the two were dating were circulating as early as January 2020. Now, it seems, Olivia Rodrigo has put the rumours to bed.

The lyrics of Drivers License include the line, “I guess you didn’t mean what you wrote in that song about me.”

Who is Olivia Rodrigo dating in 2021? Does she have a boyfriend?

While it seems clear that Olivia Rodrigo is not dating Joshua Bassett in 2021, is she dating anyone else?

She met her previous boyfriend, Ethan Wacker, on the set of Bizaardvark, but that relationship also seems to have ended.

No further information is available on Olivia Rodrigo’s relationship status.

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