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Olympic heartthrob Nyjah Huston slays with Met Gala 2022 outfit

Daniel Munro May 3, 2022
Olympic heartthrob Nyjah Huston slays with Met Gala 2022 outfit

As the reactions roll in to the mixed bag of outfits on show last night at the 2022 Met Gala, one of the main winners was Nyjah Huston. But who is Nyjah Huston, and who styled him in last night’s attention-grabbing suit?

So who is Nyjah Huston?

In case you didn’t know, Nyjah Houston, the man in one of the best-received outfits last night, is actually a professional skateboarder. And a pretty good one at that!

Not only did Huston make the first-ever Olympic skateboarding finals in Tokyo last year, but he has also been Skateboarding World Champion a total of four times.

In fact, according to Transworld Skateboarding, as of 2013 Huston was the highest-paid skateboarder of all time when it comes to prize money.

Last night wasn’t the first time Huston grabbed the headlines at the Met Gala, though.

The 27-year-old rocked up to last year’s ‘Lexicon of Fashion’ event in an all-white suit courtesy of Gucci.

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So how does this year’s look from Nyjah compare with last year’s sleek Gucci number?

Inside Nyjah Houston’s Met Gala 2022 look

Of course, the question on everyone’s lips when someone kills it at the Met Gala is who are you wearing?

Switching over from Gucci, Nyjah Houston joined Sza in wearing Vivienne Westwood to the 2022 Met Gala.

Opting once again for a coloured suit, Houston was dressed from head to toe in a light-blue, three-piece number. Houston complemented his look with an array of silver jewellery and a pair of white boots.

A prominent feature of Houston’s look was the low-cut waistcoat, which exposed the skateboarder’s chest tattoos.

Skin inking is clearly a prominent part of Houston’s image. In July 2021, one outlet claimed Houston had an eye-watering 200+ tattoos!

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What Twitter had to say about Houston’s Met Gala look

Like most 2022 Met Gala outfits, opinions were split about Nyjah Houston’s look.

Some fans couldn’t get enough:

However, not everyone was convinced. According to some fashionistas, Huston’s outfit did not stick to the Gilded Glamour theme:

What do you think, did Nyjah Huston stick to this year’s theme?

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