How many children does Noel Clarke have? Family with wife Iris explored

Eve Edwards April 30, 2021
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Noel Clarke has largely kept his children out of the public eye, despite his status as one of Britain’s high-profile actors. Here’s what we know about Clarke’s family.

Noel Clarke, 45, is a British actor, writer and director known for the likes of his Kidulthood series and Doctor Who. Some of Clarke’s other notable roles include Bulletproof and the recently released ITV series Viewpoint.

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How many children does Noel Clarke have?

Noel Clarke has three children with his wife Iris. They have three sons.

Their youngest son was born in October 2015. This means that he would currently be 5 years old.

Although Noel and Iris do not talk about their children publicly, Noel Clarke occasionally shares family pictures to Instagram.

Noel and wife Iris Clarke

It is not known exactly when Noel Clarke married Portuguese make-up artist Iris Da Silva (now Iris Clarke). The Sun reported that they have been together since before 2014.

Iris Clarke is reported to have worked on Licks (2002), which starred Noel. She also worked in the make-up department for 1999 TV show Metrosexuality. Noel Clarke also made an appearance in this series.

It could then be that Noel and Iris Clarke have known each other since the late ’90s.

Noel Clarke’s family life explored

Noel Clarke was born on 6 December 1975 in London, England. His parents are Gemma and Alf Clarke.

Although Clarke has kept his own children out of the public eye, he has very publicly spoken about his parents. In a 2014 Guardian interview, Noel Clarke detailed his relationship with his mum and dad.

His father, Alf, was a carpenter. His mother, Gemma, was a nurse who also worked in a launderette. Both were immigrants from Trinidad.

In said interview, Noel Clarke explains that his mother was his “everything.” Clarke did not have much of a relationship with his father, although they have reconnected in more recent years. Clarke said: “My wife encouraged me to reach out. We speak now and he sees his grandkids.”

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