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Nicolas Cage was allowed in Elvis Presley's bedroom – but not the president

Darcy Rafter June 23, 2022
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Elvis Presley is the unquestionable King of Rock ‘n’ Roll and a worldwide icon, but one of his biggest die-hard fans is actor Nicolas Cage.

Cage called Elvis his “hero” in a revealing interview with the Express but he has a much deeper connection to the legend than just being in the entertainment industry.

Nicolas Cage was among the few who got to see Presley’s room, which has drawn the imagination of millions of fans. Curiosity has been brought to full boil, so let’s discover why he was allowed to visit the suite.

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Why Nicolas Cage was allowed in Presley’s room

Nicolas Cage was married to Elvis’ daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, so she allowed him into the room. All That’s Interesting reports that, aside from Elvis’ immediate family, Cage is one of the only people to see the Graceland bedroom after his death.

Elvis Presley’s bedroom holds much fascination as fans see it as a room full of mystery. With no tours, no filming, visitors or photos allowed of the room, the few people who have witnessed it in real life are very special. Even a request to see Presley’s room by President Bill Clinton was denied.

Cage visited Presley’s grand suite during the week of the 25th anniversary of Elvis’ death. Artist, photographer and Elvis fan Eric Hatheway even claimed the actor “laid on the singer’s bed and tried on a leather jacket”. However, these particular rumours have never been confirmed by Cage himself.

Cage met Lisa Marie Presley at a party in 2000 and they married two years later, in August 2002. However, they filed for divorce three months later and it was finalised in May 2004. In an interview with Barbara Walters in March 2003, Cage revealed: “We got into this unfortunate pattern of breaking up and getting back together again.”

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Elvis Presley’s room is now locked shut

Presley had heavy double doors fitted to his bedroom that were padded for soundproofing. Those doors are now chained shut to maintain the room’s pristine condition.

As visitors pass through on their tour of Graceland they see the staircase that leads up to the second floor but, with guards at the top and bottom of the stairs, there’s no way you’re having a sneak peek.

People Magazine confirms Presley’s master suite on the second floor is off-limits to visitors. The bathroom where Presley died is within the room and has been locked since his death in August 1977. Even long-time employees stay away from the quarters. Only Priscilla, Lisa-Marie and Graceland’s curator are allowed within those walls – and, once, Nicolas Cage.

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