Influencer Nella Rose just shared a tour of her new luxury London pad on her Youtube channel. After watching the video, fans were left wondering what Nella Rose’s net worth is. We take a look at that, plus the influencer’s age, height and her lifestyle.

Who is Nella Rose?

Nella Rose is an influencer and YouTuber. She has worked with big brands such as Pretty Little Thing on their Behind Closed Doors Podcast, as well as FashionNova as a brand ambassador and influencer.

She was also named Pretty Little Thing’s Youtube influencer of the year 2020. Her Youtube channel contains mainly lifestyle content, as well as fashion and life advice. 

Nella Rose was born on 20 July 1997 and is 23 years old. She was raised in London in the UK.

Nella’s mother sadly passed away in 2016, followed by her father earlier this year. She wrote in a moving post on her Instagram after her father’s passing: “Gonna make you the proudest dad ever in the years to come because I know you’re still by [my] side every step of the way.”

Nella studied at the university of Leicester, where she first began vlogging and making video content. 

Nella Rose’s height has been a matter of speculation after this video, which shows the height difference between her and a friend. 

Fans were astounded at how tall Nella Rose looked. However, the consensus from fans is that she seems to be around 5ft 7- 5ft 9 inches tall.

Her Youtube channel has 441k subscribers and her Instragram has 298k. Among Nella’s entrepreneurial endeavours, she also counts a unisex streetwear brand called Faces London

What is Nella Rose’s net worth?

Nella Rose’s recent luxury London apartment tour shows a balcony overlooking the London skyline, a walk-in wardrobe, and a fully designed interior. She has let fans know that her interior designer was _teemx on Instagram. All in all, it looks like Nella is living the highlife – and earning enough to fully afford it.

So, what’s Nella Rose’s net worth? Well, she has not released specific information about her earnings, though speculation places it anywhere between $100K – $1m.

However, we would assume that her net worth is at the higher end of this if she can afford such a high-end apartment in London, one of the most expensive cities in the world. are tracking Nella’s YouTube revenue and calculate she could be making anywhere from $1.56K to $3.03K per month from her videos alone.

Her new streetwear brand also sold out in a matter of hours, so we can expect this business to just to keep on growing. Congrats, Nella!

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