Who is Neera Tanden’s husband, Benjamin Edwards? Tanden has been in the news lately as she is reportedly Joe Biden’s choice for White House Budget Chief. We take a closer look at Neera Tanden’s career, education and introduce you to her husband, Benjamin Edwards.

Who is Neera Tanden?

Neera Tanden was born on 10 September 1970 in Bedford, Massachusetts, to immigrant parents from India. She now lives in Washington D.C.

Tanden attended the University of California and graduated with a bachelor’s in science. She then obtained her law degree from Yale Law School.

Tanden is the President and CEO of the Center for American Progress, as well as the Center for American Progress Action Fund. These organisations are non-partisan institutes that seek to improve the lives of everyday Americans through public policy research and advocacy work.

Before this, Tanden acted as a senior advisor for health reform in the U.S Department of Health and Human Services. During this time, she worked on Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

Tanden’s career in politics includes a Domestic Policy Director role during the Obama-Biden administration, as well as working with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and in her office as a Legislative Director.

Who is Neera Tanden’s husband?

Neera Tanden’s husband is visual artist and writer Benjamin Edwards. Born on 1 January 1970, he previously lived in Iowa before relocating with his wife to Washington D.C.

Just like Tanden, Edwards also got his BA from the University of California. He then attended the graduate painting programme at the San Francisco Art Institute and gained his MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design.

The couple met and got together in 1988, while attending UCLA and volunteering their time to the Michael Dukakis presidential campaign. Edwards proposed to Tanden when she was just 19, but the couple waited until 1999 to get married and now have two children together.

Edwards produces paintings that are often complemented by the written word, for example an essay, or a short story. He has had multiple exhibitions of his work all over the world. In 2018, he began studying for a doctorate in Depth Psychology at the Pacifica Graduate Institute.

What does the White House Budget Chief do?

Tanden’s new role will involve leading the White House Office of Management and Budget. Tanden will be the first woman of colour and the first South Asian American woman to hold this position.

Her duties would include writing up spending and policy plans, such as a White House Budget plan, and approving congressional testimonies.

However, this position does require the senate’s approval, and some critics believe that Tanden’s openly liberal views on some matters may prove an issue with that.

We shall have to wait and see if Neera Tanden is confirmed into the White House as the Biden administration’s office continues to expand.

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