General Hospital's Nancy Lee Grahn takes 'risk' over fashion statement at Emmys

Lottie O'Neill June 26, 2022
General Hospital's Nancy Lee Grahn takes 'risk' over fashion statement at Emmys
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General Hospital’s Nancy Lee Grahn took a ‘risk’ at the Daytime Emmy Awards with a fashion protest against the recent Roe V Wade supreme court abortion ruling.

The Emmy Award winner, who plays Alexis Davis in the soap opera, took the opportunity on the Red Carpet to make a stance on reproductive rights.

The 66-year-old wore several pro-choice statement pieces as part of her outfit at the 49th Daytime Emmy Awards on Friday, (June 24).

Nancy wore a black pantsuit with earrings that read ‘CHOICE’ and a clutch bag that had the words ‘BANDS OFF OUR BODIES’. She also wrote ‘REPRODUCTIVE FREEDOM’ across her chest underneath her neck, as well as, wearing rubber bracelets for several causes on her right hand.

Nancy told People she made the decision to take the stance as she knows most of the show’s audience is women, and that the “spotlight” would be on her on the Red Carpet.

‘I can’t get over that’

Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images

She explained: “Our audience is predominantly women. They are our primary and valued audience and I respect women enormously.

“Today, they’ve had their dignity taken away from them because the six extremists on the Supreme Court have issued women a death warrant. So I can’t get over that to be all smiley here.”

But the actor, who has been playing Alexis since 1996, did say she knows there is a “fraction” of the audience that are “very angry” at her.

However, Nancy added it was “the risk” she’s “willing to take.”

Nancy was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series, but the trophy went to co-star Kelly Thiebaud.

‘We will never give in or surrender’

The star also shared the images of her fashion statement on Instagram. She captioned the post: “Last night I did my best to use my privileged spotlight to honor women’s right to dignity, choice & autonomy over their own bodies.

“We will never give in or surrender our country to extremists. TY to the media for their thoughtful questions & coverage.”

Fans of the star left comments of adoration and support.

One wrote: “Thank you, Nancy. You are more loved than you will ever know.”

Another agreed: “We are far from done,” while adding clapping emojis.

A third penned: “I am so proud to stand alongside women like you. This is outrageous and a travesty setting women’s rights back to the dark ages. What next? Our right to vote?”

Lastly, a fourth said: “That’s why I love and respect you. Always being so real Nancy Lee Grahn. Standing your own ground.”

Supreme Court’s Abortion law ruling

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Her stance on the issue comes after a 6-to-3 ruling which reversed a previous supreme court decision, giving states the power to pass their own lass around abortion.

Following the ruling on Friday, several states have already banned abortion in their states, including Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky, South Dakota and Missouri. The states had put in place ‘trigger bans’ after the SCOUTS ruling. Some clinics have begun shutting down already over the weekend.

Whereas some states have vowed to become “safe havens” for women seeking abortions. It’s estimated half of US states are likely to introduce new abortion restrictions or bans.

Protests have emerged around the country after the decision, with demonstrations taking place outside the Supreme Court building in Washington DC, writes the BBC.

President Joe Biden spoke out and called out the “realization of an extreme ideology and a tragic error by the Supreme Court.” The president added “the Supreme Court has made some terrible decisions,” the day after it was released.

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