What’s the beef between Mykia and Spankie? YouTube filmmaker Spankie Valentine, aka SWOOP, has lashed out publicly against ex-friend and popular YouTube make-up artist Glam&Gore, aka Mykie.

In an hour-long, edited and curated diatribe, SWOOP details Mykie’s alleged micro-aggressions against the LGBTQ+ and black communities, and claims Mykie exploited friends and collaborators for personal gain.

In a YouTube video posted on 11 October 2020, filmmaker Spankie Valentine makes a litany of allegations against former friend and fellow YouTube personality, Mykie.

Self-taught beauty and special effects make-up artist and YouTuber Mykie has 2.1 million followers on her Instagram account and 4.1 million subscribers on YouTube, making her one of the most popular gore make-up artists in the world.

What does Spankie say about Mykie?

In the direct-to-audience address prefacing the video, Spankie Valentine states she is “no longer friends with Mykie”. In the hour that follows, she proceeds to explain “why I no longer follow her and why I can’t support her”.

Valentine speaks eloquently, flagging up various trigger warnings. Her diatribe, and reasons for change of heart, she informs her audience, touch on racism, prejudice against the LGBTQ+ community, gaslighting, narcissism, and exploitation of ostensibly collaborative relationships for personal gain.

Mykie, Spankie reminds her audience, has an enormous online following. Valentine’s is comparatively small; she currently has just over 200,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel. “It’s just me here,” is Valentine’s point.

What does Valentine allege Mykie has done, and what evidence does she provide?

Spankie Valentine includes, and comments on, screenshots of instant messenger conversations between herself and Mykie.

In these conversations, Mykie argues that, for people who are not members of a minority group, making it in the world of YouTube is “tough”. These minorities could be “anything but white or part of the LGBT community”.

Anyone pushed by YouTube, she continues, has been a member of a minority – “or not straight”.

Mykie also allegedly takes aim at fellow make-up YouTuber and (ironically) collaborator James Charles. In the texts, she argues that James “does content no better or more clever than my own”.


How has this had an impact on their respective follower communities?

In a separate video entitled Mykie aka Glam&Gore a BAD Friend and Anti-LGBT, streamed live at around midnight on the night of 11 October, YouTube commentator SL04N articulates his feelings about Spankie Valentine’s allegations.

He introduces his own feelings about Mykie, including that despite having four million subscribers, she “doesn’t seem grateful at all”. He goes on to claim that “her white privilege, honey, is showing”.

Reddit reacts to the Mykie and Spankie drama

Quick off the mark to react, the Reddit community has rallied in support of Valentine. As one user, empo7, points out, “there are so many bigger issues involved”.

Another, Dollybadlands, laments that: “This call out just shows me that most if not all of these ‘friendships’ these YTers have with each other are all business relationships where they use and abuse each other.”

Dollybadlands continues, in a supportive vein for Valentine: “And what’s sad is that some of these folks (like Swoop) probably think these are real relationships and then are broken down and hurt by these awful people.”

The “realness” of the relationships shared by social media personalities is a real talking point.

Another Reddit user, McDonaldOlive, writes the following of Valentine’s original video: “It is extremely educational as well as to why this type of behavior is problematic. She is giving a voice to the voiceless number of people who experience this shit. As a gay WOC I am so proud she spoke up.”

Why is any of this important to people who don’t follow either YouTuber?

Valentine reiterates in the introduction to the video that this is “very scary” for her. Mykie has “a lot of power” and “very powerful friends”. She shows real concern for the influence Mykie holds, and for the potential outcomes of the misuse of that power.

The misuse of power is a perennial issue with the continuing emergence of new social arenas. Valentine also talks specifically about what she claims is Mykie’s exploitation of personal connections.

For more, watch the original video here. Read the Reddit community’s take on the issue in the subreddit /r/BeautyGuruChatter here.

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