My Name is Earl star Ethan Suplee's whopping 300lb weight loss transformation

Lottie O'Neill September 20, 2022
My Name is Earl star Ethan Suplee's whopping 300lb weight loss transformation
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Ethan Suplee, whose claim to fame was cemented with his role in My Name is Earl, underwent a dramatic weight loss transformation after walking into the spotlight.

His fans are still in awe over the actor’s appearance, which he first revealed two years ago, writes PEOPLE. Ethan Suplee also spoke about the hard work behind the weight loss in his podcast American Glutton. It premiered in January 2020.

The now 46-year-old was candid about his relationship with food and how it fluctuated over the years.

However, his long battle to fix his connection with food began as a child – and it would take decades before he found a resolution.

Ethan Suplee’s weight loss battle

BOY MEETS WORLD – “Sister Theresa” – Airdate: November 25, 1994. (Photo by ABC Photo Archives/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images) L-R: ETHAN SUPLEE;BEN SAVAGE;BLAKE SENNETT (AS BLAKE SOPER);RIDER STRONG

At the young age of five, Suplee had an unhealthy binge-eating habit. From small details of eating food in secret, to being made to exercise each day, he became an overweight child.

By the age of 10, the My Name is Earl star said he practiced “sneaking food” and it continued until his teenage years. He soon ballooned to more than 200 pounds before high school, and years of on and off dieting began.

“I had this idea now that food was something that people didn’t want me to have, so if I wanted to have more, I needed to do it privately, and it became something that I was withholding from people,” he said, recalling nights out with friends that ended in drive-thru runs where he would eat three meals at once.

“I became enormous,” he said.

He admitted using food, alcohol and drugs to “numb” himself as a teenager. The Hollywood star has been sober since 2002 and tried almost every diet out there.

‘I went from 530 to 220’

Suplee explained he lost a “s**t load of weight” and lost 310lbs when he developed a passion for cycling.

He lost the weight after My Name is Earl was cancelled in 2009 – where he played Randy Hickey.

However, when he returned to Hollywood as a lighter star he said it was harder for him to secure roles.

He said it was “honestly” better for him for work to “get fat again”.

Ethan Suplee explained to Entertainment Weekly’s What to Watch podcast, he was almost looked over for Hulu’s Chance because of his weight loss.

Not calling new lifestyle a ‘diet’

The six-foot-one star, who weight approximately 536 pounds in his younger years, was also suffering from congestive heart failure at the time.

He also reflected on years getting sober and how the treatment center he entered didn’t have a scale big enough for him.

He said he was “utterly horrified”, writes Today.

In the latest update, the Boy Meets World alum admitted he has a vain goal of a six-pack. The actor penned in an essay for Men’s Health that eventually calories stopped being calories and instead a food source.

“I don’t want to call it a diet,” Suplee explained. “I’m just eating like a normal person.”

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