As Mulan Hernandez and Bol Bol make headlines, fans of the basketball player have been curious to know more about his girlfriend.

Reports that Mulan Hernandez and Bol Bol of the Denver Nuggets have split emerged this month, largely based on the intel that the couple have unfollowed each other on all social media platforms.

On 20 August 2021, Mulan took to Instagram to share they are still very much together. A day later, Mulan shared a new couple picture to her Instagram account to show they are going strong. In the photo, you may notice a serious height difference between Mulan and Bol Bol! So, how tall is Bol Bol compared with his girlfriend

How tall is Mulan Hernandez?

It has been reported that Mulan Hernandez is 5ft 3in. Some reports suggest she is 5ft 6in, although this has been unconfirmed by Mulan herself.

Unlike her basketball-playing boyfriend, Mulan’s work doesn’t require significant height. Mulan works primarily as an Instagram model and influencer. Currently, she has more than 250,000 followers on Instagram.

Height difference with Bol Bol revealed

Bol Bol, 21, is one of the tallest players in the NBA, at 7ft 2in.

If Mulan is 5ft 3in, that means there’s a height difference of almost two feet between them!

There are 23in between Bol Bol and Mulan Hernandez. No wonder he towers over her in their couple photos!

How long have Bol Bol and Mulan been a couple?

Bol Bol and Mulan are a pretty recent couple, although they could have kept their relationship private for months longer than fans have known.

It was reported on 19 April 2021 that Bol Bol had confirmed dating rumours in an Instagram story.

Then, during a game between the Denver Nuggets and Houston Rockets, Mulan Hernandez was spotted in the audience at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. Since then, Mulan has posted multiple couple pictures.

It is thought they have been together for at least five months.

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