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Who is Mukhande Singh? Real name and Instagram of Live Water's CEO revealed

Eve Edwards May 28, 2021
mukhande singh

Who is Mukhande Singh? As The Daily Show revisits one of their segments from 2018, viewers have questions about the “raw water” guest and his real name. Let’s take a look.

Who is Mukhande Singh?

Mukhande Singh is the founder of Live Water, a raw water company based in Los Angeles, California. The company has since changed its name to Alive Water. You can visit their website here.

Since 2018, Mukhande’s presence within the company has dwindled – he’s not even named on the website. However, he is still known to own the company.

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On Alive Water’s Instagram, Mukhande made an appearance on 22 August 2020 for a maté tutorial.

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What is Mukhande Singh’s real name?

  • Christopher Sanborn

The New York Times reported that Mukhande Singh’s real name is actually Christopher Sanborn. The news outlet profiled Singh and the “raw water” craze back in 2018, the same year that The Daily Show segment came out.

It seems that his name change from Christopher to Mukhande has not gone down well with The Daily Show viewers.

One Twitter user commented: “This would be bad even if “Mukhande Singh’s” birth name wasn’t “Christopher Sanborn”. Damaging to public health AND appropriative. A real winner.”

Another user speculated on Mukhande’s choice in name: “He seems inspired by the Sikh tradition. The name seems a Sikh spiritual one. He is still not wearing the Turban but it seems he’s very inclined towards Sikh teachings and may wear a Turban soon!”

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Can you buy Mukhande Singh’s “raw water”?

Yes. Mukhande Singh’s company, Alive Water, still sells products.

At the time of filming The Daily Show Segment, Live Water charged $27 (£19.92) for a glass orb containing one litre of water and $69 (£50.91) for a glass gallon dispenser holding 2.5 gallons of water. The glass orb now costs $33 and the 2.5 gallon dispenser costs $77.

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