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Fans wonder where Joe Scarborough is: Morning host missing from MSNBC talk show

Filiz Mustafa July 21, 2021
morning joe where is joe scarborough


Morning Joe viewers have been wondering where presenter Joe Scarborough is this week, since he’s been absent from the news talk show.

Morning Joe is one of those early daily programmes that helps the nation wake up as they get ready for a new working day.

Joe is a familiar face from the small screen as he hosts the talk show with his wife Mika Brzezinski and other co-presenters.

But this week the presenter is missing from his regular spot, which left many viewers at home confused.

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Who is Joe Scarborough?

Scarborough, 58, is a former politician, political commentator and TV host.

He earned a BA degree in history from the University of Alabama and a Juris Doctor from the University of Florida College of Law. Joe served as Republican representative for Florida’s 1st congressional district from 1994 to 2001.

After retiring from his political career, Joe entered the TV industry with the premiere of Scarborough Country on MSNBC in 2003.

He has been a presenter on Morning Joe since 2007.

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‘Where is Joe Scarborough?’ Viewers miss the morning host

Joe has been absent from the morning talk show this week which left many viewers at home worried about their favourite host.

During one of the broadcasts this week, the show confirmed that the presenter had the morning off while his wife and co-host Mika stepped in to replace him.

But one viewer has a particular opinion about this statement as they tweeted: “

“@Morning_Joe Rather than saying Joe is off “this morning”, why not just say he’s on vacation or he’s won’t be back until a certain day. It’s not that hard.”

At the time of writing, neither MSNBC, Joe or Mika have addressed when exactly the presenter will resume his regular role on the programme.

However, Joe is very much active on Twitter and Instagram so his absence must be temporary.

Viewers flood Twitter with reactions

Morning Joe viewers have flooded Twitter with messages and reactions, since the network has yet to confirm when exactly Joe will return to the show.

Some fans expressed their concerns that Joe might have left after fellow journalist Kasie Hunt announced her departure from NBC News and MSNBC during a live broadcast on Friday, 16 July.

One person asked: “Where has Morning Joe been this week?”

“Do we know where Joe is?” tweeted another viewer. “Unless I missed it, Mika hasn’t said anything about him being out for days???”

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