Millie Weaver gave an impassioned speech at a pro-Trump march in Washington this Saturday, 12 December. However, her moment was cut short by an interruption from Infowars’ Alex Jones. As protests against the presidential election results continue, let’s take a closer look at Weaver’s – aka Millennial Millie’s – bio and career.

Who is Millie Weaver?

Weaver was born on 6 February 1991 in San Bernardino, California. She describes herself as a journalist, reporter, and proud Christian and American.

Weaver, aka Millennial Millie, has 459k subscribers on her Youtube channel and regularly posts content on politics, conspiracy theories and political rallies. She is known on the platform for being an outspoken Trump supporter.

Before working as a reporter and presenter, Weaver was also employed as a freelance model.

She has two children, Alma and Josh, and regularly posts about them and her family life on Instagram.

According to some reports, it seems Weaver is currently dating Gavin Wince, a conservative filmmaker and former contributor to Alex Jones’s site, InfoWars.

In August, Weaver and Wince were arrested on charges related to the alleged robbery and abuse of Weaver’s mother a few months prior.

A closer look at Millennial Millie’s career

Millie Weaver is a former correspondent for the far-right news and conspiracy website InfoWars, founded by podcaster and writer Alex Jones.

Weaver started out in 2012 as a writer on the website and progressed to the role of full-time reporter. She also produced her own series, Flying Over America, for the website, aimed at giving middle Americans the opportunity to tell their own stories.

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