Miku Martineau is making her film debut in Netflix’s Kate, where she stars as lead opposite Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

The film, released 10 September 2021, follows the titular Kate (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), an assassin who was slipped a fatal poison on her final job. Kate has just 24 hours to find who poisoned her and exact her revenge.

Miku Martineau plays Ani, the teenage daughter of a past target. She joins forces with Kate in this neon-tinged thriller.

KATE | Official Trailer | Netflix

KATE | Official Trailer | Netflix

How old is Miku Martineau?

Although her screen presence is one of a seasoned actor, Miku Martineau is just 16 years old. She was born on 14 September 2004, which means Miku’s seventeenth birthday is just days away. This makes her a Virgo.

Oftentimes, adult actors are cast as teenagers in film and television. This can be down to labor laws or because the role is too risqué or dangerous for an actual teenager to play. But this was not the case for Miku Martineau.

The filming of Kate ran from 16 September to 29 November 2019, which means that Miku would have been just 15 years old while filming the movie.

What age was Miku when she started acting?

Miku Martineau is being heralded as the star of the show, with some viewers demanding Netflix make Miku’s Ani have her own spin-off.

Surprisingly, this is only Miku’s third project to date. Before starring in Kate, Miku was in Carl’s Car Wash, an animated kids TV show, in 2020. That same year, Kate voiced Chloe and Sandy in Finny the Shark, another animated children’s show.

Her career reportedly started in 2015, which means Miku would’ve been aged 10 when she started out.

Miku is currently filming Ruby and the Well, which is set to release next year.

More about the Martineaus

Miku is one of two children born to Peter and Kumiko Martineau. Her brother’s name is Kai.

Miku’s father is Canadian and her mother is Japanese. The family is based in Canada, where Miku was born.

Kate is largely set in Tokyo, so we get to hear Miku speaking Japanese as Ani in the film.

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