Mikey Reid and Sinjin Van Cleef resemblance leaves Twitter in stitches

Molly Young January 3, 2022
Mikey Reid and Sinjin Van Cleef resemblance leaves Twitter in stitches

American actor Mikey Reid recently uploaded a selfie onto social media and sparked tons of resemblance in the comment section but one similarity, in particular, has left Twitter in stitches. Fans couldn’t believe it when Reid was compared to his own Nickelodeon character…

Here we explore why Twitter users are finding the resemblance between Sinjin Van Cleef and his own actor so funny along with more famous people Mikey Reid is being hilariously compared to online.

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Baby Done | Trailer

Baby Done | Trailer

Mikey Reid’s viral selfie sparks tons of similarity

On 1 January 2022, 29-year-old American actor Mikey Reid took to both Instagram and TikTok to share a collection of two selfies.

In the images, Reid is shown sporting a black turtle neck jumper, a pair of gold chains as well as a black leather jacket.

Over on Twitter, @mrmikeyreid‘s selfie upload has currently reached over 4k likes and more than 2k retweets.

In the comment section full of comparison, viewers have begun pointing out the resemblance between Mikey Reid and various other people.

American rapper Jack Harlow is featured amongst the comparisons as many people suggest the two have curly hair and a similar dress sense in common.

Some even proposed that Mikey Reid looks like Sinjin Van Cleaf, which is strange because he really is Sinjin…

Sinjin Van Cleef resemblance leaves Twitter in stitches

Michael Eric Reid played the role of Sinjin Van Cleef in his early acting career, a recurring character in the Nickelodeon television series Victorious.

Fans couldn’t believe it when the Sinjin resemblance comments began to circulate in the comments of Mikey Reid’s upload.

After a user had jokingly suggested that Reid was a mix of both Jack Harlow and the Victorious character, another user commented to confirm that he actually is Sinjin.

Many fans announced that the comments had them crying with laughter.

A Twitter report even described the trending topic as Mikey Reid giving vibes of Sinjin Van Cleef, when, in actual fact, it really is him.

Reid responds to the funny remarks

A Twitter user named @beckygotabooty commented by addressing the actor as Mikey Harlow, referring to his resemblance to Jack Harlow.

@mrmikeyreid then responded to the viral comment by joking that the rapper thought he could buy Reid’s original look.

Aside from rappers and sitcom characters, Mikey Reid was also compared to an English singer and songwriter with similar curly hair and blue eyes named James Arthur.

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What’s more? Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, even featured in funny comparison comments.

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