Mike Tirico’s salary explored as NBC sportscaster leaves Beijing early

Bruno Cooke February 8, 2022
Mike Tirico’s salary explored as NBC sportscaster leaves Beijing early
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Amid reports Mike Tirico is leaving Beijing, where he has been hosting NBC’s prime-time Olympic coverage, viewers are curious about how much he makes as a television personality – so what is his reported salary and net worth?

Sources disagree on exactly how much Mike Tirico makes as NBC’s Olympic host

American sportscaster Mike Tirico has been in the business for some time. He started working for NBC Sports in 2016 but before that made a name for himself as an NFL play-by-play announcer on ESPN’s Monday Night Football. He held the post for ten years.

In total, Tirico was with ESPN for a quarter of a century. Now, he’s NBC’s lead prime-time host for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

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Celebrity Net Worth lists Mike Tirico’s salary as $3 million per year. However, it also claims his net worth is $6 million, which would amount to just two years’ salary.

Celeb Worth, meanwhile, lists Tirico’s per-year salary as $960,000. That’s $80,000 per month, although the site hasn’t been updated since late 2018.

How does Mike Tirico’s reported salary compare with other NBC employees?

The average base salary, in US dollars, of an NBC employee is $81,000 per year – about the amount Mike Tirico reportedly makes in a month.

The Ladders, meanwhile, lists NBC Universal Media’s average salary as almost $130,000. The “total value” of all jobs at the company adds up to $520 million.

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However, even if Mike Tirico does take home a $3 million salary from his employment at NBC, he’s still not even close to being the highest-paid face in news.

The Street reported in 2019 that Sean Hannity earned $40 million at Fox News – he had, at the time, an estimated net worth of $250 million.

Next on their list was Diane Sawyer, whose $22 million pay cheque dwarfed Mike Tirico’s.

Tirico is leaving Beijing earlier than planned

AP News reported yesterday that NBC prime-time Olympic host Mike Tirico would return to the US from Beijing earlier than planned.

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Riders Republic | Free Weekend Trailer

He will fly, per AP’s report, from China to NBC Sports headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, to host the midweek shows. Then he will travel to Los Angeles on Friday to anchor Olympic and Super Bowl coverage until Sunday.

Tirico was due to remain in Beijing until Thursday. AP cites NBC officials as reiterating his schedule changed as a result of “covid-19 and other factors”, although what those “other factors” are remains unclear.

Tirico’s Olympic coverage also made headlines earlier in the month when he spoke about the US government’s diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics. 

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