Who is Mike Huckabee's son David? Dog story resurfaces on Twitter

Eve Edwards April 4, 2021
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Who is Mike Huckabee’s son David? We explore the former Arkansas Republican Governor’s family life.

This April 2021 has seen former Gov. Huckabee in the news after a tweet landed him in hot water. In response to this tweet, many Twitter users raised the topic of Huckabee’s son David. In particular, the story of David allegedly being involved in the death of a stray dog while working as a summer camp counsellor has resurfaced. Neither Mike Huckabee nor David have spoken on the matter to date.

One Twitter user responded to Huckabee’s tweet stating “stay away from your son,” if you are a canine.

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Mike Huckabee: Children

Mike Huckabee and his wife Janet have three children: two sons named David and John, and a daughter named Sarah.

The couple married in 1974.

John is the eldest, born in 1976. David was then born in 1981. Sarah was born a year later in 1982.

Who is David Huckabee?

David Huckabee is a 40-year-old businessman.

In 2002, David graduated of Arkansas State University in Jonesboro. It is unknown what he studied as his undergraduate degree.

He is married to a woman named Lauren. Lauren is thought to be 39 years old. She also attended Arkansas State University.

The family are based in Little Rock, Arkansas.