How old is Mikaela Pascal? Age, OnlyFans and boyfriend revealed

Olivia Olphin October 21, 2020

Actress and YouTuber Mikaela Pascal’s age has been a hot topic issue with fans lately. We explore why, along with other questions like: Does she have an OnlyFans account? Who is her boyfriend? Keep reading to find out.

Who is Mikaela Pascal?

Mikaela Pascal is an actress, model and YouTuber you may have seen in some of the Adults React videos on the Fine Brothers Entertainment channel, which has now been renamed REPLAY. The channel boasts more than 12.7 million subscribers at the moment.

Pascal started appearing on the channel from a young age, working her way up from Kids React, to Teens React and finally to Adults React.

Mikaela’s own channel has 251,000 subscribers and her Instagram has more than 294,000 followers. She was also in the background of the Sharknado movie in 2013.

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What is Mikaela Pascal’s age?

Mikaela Pascal is 21 years old. She was born on 12 August 1999. People on Twitter have been finding it hard to comprehend how old she is, as they started watching her as a child on Kids React.

Who is Mikaela’s boyfriend?

Mikaela is dating Jack O’Shea, who is oh_hey_oshea on Instagram. He is a fellow YouTuber and one half of the O’Shea brothers channel. The couple have a 25-year age gap between them.

However, the age gap doesn’t seem to bother the couple.

Does Mikaela Pascal have an OnlyFans?

It seems Mikaela Pascal does have an OnlyFans. Her bio line simply says ‘way more Mikaela’. She has a couple of FAQs on her Twitter account and has said she won’t be going nude but will have lots of sexy lingerie and bikini shots as well as posting a few times a week.

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