Y&R's Michelle Stafford 'grateful' after 'humbling' chance meeting with fan

Darcy Rafter May 16, 2022
Y&R's Michelle Stafford 'grateful' after 'humbling' chance meeting with fan

The Young And The Restless star Michelle Stafford may have a lot on her plate at the minute but, when she gets a chance to unwind, one of her favourite pastimes involves watching ice hockey. What makes it even more rewarding is when she meets fans at the game, and one meeting was especially important to her.

Read on to discover why Michelle Stafford felt “grateful” after meeting a fan in what became a truly “humbling” experience.

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Y&R’s Michelle Stafford ‘grateful’ after meeting fan

Michelle Stafford took to Instagram to share a story about a man she met at an LA Kings hockey game in Los Angeles.

John Klene was jailed on 14 August 1997 and released from prison on 19 February 2021 after reportedly being wrongfully convicted more than 23 years before. Klene had just turned 19 when he was arrested regarding the death of Antonio Alarcon.

At the time Alarcon was shot, Klene was hosting a party with friends and family to watch the Tyson-Holyfield boxing match. Several witnesses confirmed his alibi but he was convicted based on the testimony of an ‘eyewitness’ who refused to identify Klene at trial.

Michelle Stafford shares heartwarming story with fans

After Stafford and Klene were seated next to each other at a hockey game, he told her he had watched her on The Young And The Restless while he was in prison. Stafford went on to find out about his conviction and how he had maintained his innocence throughout, leading her to comment on the “flawed judicial system” and urging followers to read more about Klene’s story on his Instagram page.

Stafford also applauded Klene’s friends for standing by him through the hardships as they “never gave up on him.” She moved on to say how “humbled” and “grateful” she was to meet by such an “amazing man” and was happy to be among people in general following the coronavirus pandemic.

It had been a couple of years since she had been able to attend a hockey game and had been locking herself inside due to strict protocols at work.

It was fate, a Michelle Stafford fan who watched her while in jail was able to tell her his story, which Stafford called a “remarkable one”.

Michelle Stafford uses platform to share John Klene’s story

Y&R co-stars, fans and friends took to Stafford’s comments section to share their love and support. Fellow co-star, Tracey Bregman wrote “@johnklene_free So happy to hear of your story. I’m so sorry what happened to you and so glad you met the extraordinary @therealstafford 🙌❤️.”

Soap veteran Eileen Davidson penned: “Wow! What a fantastic story! Cheering you on @johnklene_free thank you for sharing @therealstafford ❤️🎉”

Dr Bridget Forrester, aka Ashley Aubra Jones, wrote: “Thank you for sharing this! 🙌🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼” while Y&R’s Laura Lee Bell added: “Incredible 🙌”

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