Meet M.A. Voepel: Age and career as ESPN reporter comes out as transgender

Amber Peake August 12, 2022
Meet M.A. Voepel: Age and career as ESPN reporter comes out as transgender
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ESPN reporter M.A. Voepel has come out as transgender as he announced he’s transitioning to male. 

The long-time ESPN staffer announced the news of his transition on Twitter on Tuesday (August 9) ahead of his Naismith Hall of Fame’s Curt Gowdy Media Award. 

As the reporter’s transition is discussed in the news, curiosity into M.A. Voepel’s age and career has sparked. Let’s get to know the ESPN staffer a bit better…

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ESPN reporter comes out as transgender 

On Tuesday, long-time ESPN staffer M.A. Voepel came out as transgender in a post to his 28,000 followers on Twitter.

Taking to the micro-blogging platform Voepel, who was formerly known as Mechelle Voepel, revealed he is transitioning from female to male.

The post began: “In sports media, we’re lucky to tell stories of others’ journeys. We have our own, too. Part of mine is being transgender, and I’m transitioning to male.”

Voepel also clarified in the tweet his pronouns were now he/him and went on to list the names he is comfortable with being referred to as “Voepel, MV, Michael, Mike.” 

Ending the four-part thread, the reporter added: “I may look and sound a little different. Glad to be who I’ve always been inside.”

M.A. Voepel’s age and career explored

The ESPN reporter is 48 years old and celebrated his latest birthday in March, according to past celebratory posts. 

Voepel, who is a University of Missouri alumni, started his writing career in Jackson, Tennessee. Before joining ESPN in 1996, he also wrote for publications in Virginia and Missouri. 

2022 will mark 26 years since Voepel joined the sports publisher. During his time at ESPN the reporter has become a known figure in the world of women’s college and pro basketball. 

Voepel’s coverage of the game has been honored as, in 2014, the reporter was inducted into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame. 

The ESPN star is also one of the recipients of this year’s Naismith Hall of Fame’s Curt Gowdy Media Award alongside NBC executive Dick Ebersol and broadcaster Walt ‘Clyde’ Frazier.

Voepel’s love of sport goes back to childhood

The reporter covered his first women’s basketball game in 1984, however he first began sports writing as a child. 

While appearing on The Her Hoop Stats Podcast, Voepel recalled how he would attend basketball games at school to write reports and keep stats. 

He explained: “I had always been a huge sports fan and had been a big fan of high-school girl’s basketball, which is what I saw a lot of when I was growing up.”

Voepel added that while he wasn’t an athlete himself, he didn’t miss a game. He added: “I didn’t know then that I was training to be a sports writer. I just liked to do it, and I kept stats for the games, and what do you know, that turned out to be my career.”

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