As Superbad fans look back on the teen comedy 15 years on this week, some have wondered about Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s love life and whether he has a girlfriend.

Mintz-Plasse portrayed Jonah Hill and Michael Cera’s dorky friend Fogell, who goes on to become known as McLovin. 

In the movie, his character has a brief romance with his super crush, Nicola. Love has lasted longer off-screen, thankfully, as the actor and long-time girlfriend Britt have been together for five years.

We take a look at Christopher Mintz-Plasse and his girlfriend’s relationship and get to know her a bit better.

Untold: The Race of the Century | Official Trailer | Netflix

Untold: The Race of the Century | Official Trailer | Netflix

Christopher Mintz-Plasse reflects on 15 years of Superbad

Wednesday (August 17) marked 15 years since Superbad hit cinemas in 2007. The film was Mintz-Plasse’s movie debut

The 33-year-old actor was just 17 years old during the filming of the teen comedy. The film followed best friends Seth and Evan as they try to make the most of their high-school days before college.

Mintz-Plasse plays their nerdy friend Fogell, who tries to help them score alcohol to take to a party hosted by Seth’s crush Jules. To purchase the alcohol, Fogell obtains fake ID for which he ironically chooses the pseudonym McLovin. 

Unfortunately for the actor the nickname stuck. In an interview with Page Six in 2021, Mintz-Plasse revealed he struggled to deal with new-found fame as McLovin.

He told the publication: “It was very alarming for a 17-year-old person. I was trying to figure out who I was as a human being at the time and then to have millions of people knowing you as McLovin was very intense.”

In honor of 15 years since Superbad’s release, Mintz-Plasse celebrated the milestone on Instagram as he joked: “My name is Chris btw not the other name.”

Mintz-Plasse’s girlfriend Britt is a photographer

The Superbad actor is dating Britt Bowman, a music and entertainment photographer.

Based in Los Angeles, Bowman is often on the road on tour alongside Danish rock band Volbeat. As explained during her appearance on the Where Did All My Friends Go podcast in April, she has worked in concert photography for around six years.

Her photography portfolio website shows she has worked with other well-known music names including Greta Van Fleet, Slipknot, Metallica, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Train. 

As per a past birthday tweet, Bowman is 32 years old. She celebrated her latest birthday last week and Mintz-Plasse commemorated the special day in a post to his Instagram:

They have been together since 2017

US Weekly reports Christopher Mintz-Plasse and girlfriend Britt Bowman have been an item since June 2017. 

Despite being together for more than five years, the couple have kept a low profile, although they have both shared moments of their relationship on their Instagram feeds. 

In celebration of four years together in June 2021, Bowman shared a series of snaps from throughout their relationship as she reflected on their “four rotations around the sun” as a couple:

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