Radio host Buck Sexton was one of the figures to feature on the Gutfeld panel this week, with some viewers now curious to know more about him.

On Monday’s episode of the late-night talk show, Sexton featured on the show’s guest panel alongside Fox News anchor Julie Banderas, comedian and former SNL cast member Jim Breuer, as well as editor in chief of The Federalist Mollie Hemingway.

Following his Gutfeld appearance, some viewers are curious to know more about him and his life off-screen, including Buck Sexton’s fianceé Carrie and their relationship. Here’s all we know…

Goodnight Mommy | Official Trailer

Goodnight Mommy | Official Trailer

Who is Buck Sexton?

Sexton is a radio host and political commentator who hails from New York City. The 40-year-old currently co-hosts The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show alongside fellow TV analyst and journalist Clay Travis.

The New York native previously helmed his own radio show, The Buck Sexton Show, which was nationally distributed and saw him share his take on the latest news and current affairs locally, nationally, and globally.

As well as hosting his own shows, he has also guest presented on the nationally syndicated radio shows of Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck.

Sexton also often appears on-screen as an analyst as part of the Fox News network and, in the past, worked for CNN as a political commentator. Elsewhere Sexton previously had a stint as part of the CIA, where he worked as an officer within both the office of Iraq analysis and the counterterrorism center.

Meet Buck Sexton’s fianceé

The radio host is engaged to fianceé Carrie Flatley who is a TV producer at Fox News.

As per her Linkedin page, she has worked as part of the network for over seven years and has been a producer on shows including Brian Kilmeade’s What Made America Great and The Wise Guys, which was hosted by Dr. Bill Bennett.

Her page also states that she previously also worked as an associate producer on Tucker Carlson Tonight, among other live primetime shows on the network.

Flatley’s role at Fox is said to be how she and her now radio host fiancé first crossed paths. As explained on air during a past broadcast of The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show, Sexton explained: “Carrie’s a producer at Fox News, for anyone who’s wondering, so that’s how Carrie and I met. That’s the connection. That’s how we know each other, and that’s how it all got going.”

Sexton has been featured across the Fox News Channel as both a political commentator and national security analyst. He has also previously written for Fox News, with his writer’s page featuring articles that date back to 2017.

Radio host announced his engagement in July

In a post to his Instagram in July, Sexton revealed that he had popped the question to then-girlfriend Carrie.

While sharing a snap of them posed together in front of a picturesque New York City backdrop from a rooftop, the radio host gushed: “Carrie said yes!”

Reflecting on his engagement on air as part of The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show, he explained before he got down on one knee that he had visited her family home to ask her father’s hand in marriage.

He added that after getting her father’s blessing, he planned to propose on a rooftop at sunset and, when he found the moment, said, Carrie “had absolutely no idea.”

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